June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Since it was Father’s Day this morning we started off with giving Robby his cards and certificate for rice krispie treats while he was still in bed (not his bed but in bed nonetheless).  He also opened up the frame that everyone had painted part of.  They were all so proud to show him the exact spot that they painted.
  • Soon we were all downstairs eating breakfast-Reagan had strawberries while wearing her white dress-she managed to keep it clean so that was a relief.  Graham had a waffle and Anderson ate about 3 bites of his pop tart.  He was too interested in the movie that they were watching.
  • Everyone went to class and Lilly was even able to go to Sunday School with Reagan.  After Sunday School we all went back to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for BBQ lunch.  After lunch, the kids played for awhile and then it was naptime
  • After naps, we loaded up and went back to church for VBS family night.  It was sunny and hot.  We rode the train first and the kids loved it-well, Campbell wasn’t too sure about the train but she did tolerate it.  Then we headed into the cool for pizza. 
  • Next up was the little and the big jumpy and then back inside to eat our popsicles.  Unfortunately, when we came out the fire trucks had already left but the line for the dunking booth was short so everyone was happy.  Reagan hit the target but not hard enough so she got another turn and she hit it again and then again.  Finally on her third time to strike the target, she dunked Heath.  She was pleased and the boys were pleased too because they were standing close enough to get wet.
  • Back at home, we cooled off some more and then the day was over.

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