June 13, 2011

Yes, my paci! So what!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The boys were up at the crack of dawn-who knew the sun was when the clock still said 5 something.  Oh, my it was way too early.  I should have kicked them out of my bed but I just tried to lay real still so they would forget I was there (it didn’t work)
  • Before long though, we all had to get up and start getting ready.  Everyone had their clothes on and breakfast eaten and were ready to get in the car about 8.  We picked up Lilly and headed to church
  • After checking everyone in and finally finding everyone’s rooms it was time for me to start to work.  Reagan came in my class and enjoyed making our craft (even though she thought it was a strawberry instead of an apple).  Anderson had a good day too and really enjoyed games.  Graham got upset when I told him that we weren’t going back to church when he woke up from his nap so I guess he enjoyed it too
  • Robby stopped by and helped me pick everyone up and to see what all the kids were doing.  And then we all had lunch at church.  The kids were all happy to see Pops and especially happy when he gave them extra cookies
  • At lunch, Anderson stood behind a podium and said “Look Mom, I am the preacher man.” and a few minutes later, Reagan stood behind the same podium and said “Look Mom, I am President Reagan”
  • We dropped Lilly off on the way home and then everyone plated for a few minutes and then it was nap time.  They were pretty wired but still worn out so nap time went smoothly.  I eventually had to wake Anderson up and then everyone started to get ready for to go shopping
  • When Robby made it home, we loaded up and went shopping.  The kids were so excited when I started loading up the buggy with the icees that were on sale-and Robby might have been pretty excited about it too.  Reagan was delighted about her blueberries we bought but she wanted to know if I had a “ticket” for the orange juice. (coupon)

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