June 23, 2011

A loud smoothie maker!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • This morning was Nonna and Pops morning.  We took over their bikes and scooters along with their helmets and as soon as we pulled into the driveway, Anderson was ready to get out and start riding. 
  • Nonna and Pops had made a watermelon basket full of fruit.  Campbell and Reagan devoured it-seriously when I picked them up there were only a few cantaloupe left in the basket.  Even after Reagan finished off the watermelon basket she still wanted more watermelon.
  • They rode their bikes quite a bit-Reagan and Anderson are pretty speedy on them and Graham has finally figured out how to peddle on the back.  He is still pretty slow but he can make it. 
  • The highlight of the morning was playing on the back deck with Nonna’s new sprinkler.  They loved it and everyone got soaking wet (even Nonna and Pops).  Campbell was a little stand offish at first but soon she was playing right along with everyone else.
  • The kids had lunch and were pretty tired when I showed up.  I let them play outside for a few more minutes and man, can Anderson ride that bike fast.  I will probably have to super glue his helmet on him.  Campbell found her a favorite spot-the dirt and sat down and started rubbing her hands in it and throwing it.  And she was livid when I took her out.  Oh, she is going to be a handful.
  • Robby was at home for lunch when we showed up for nap.  Soon everyone was resting but surprisingly Anderson never went to sleep (that will be good because he will crash in a few minutes)  After nap, Robby came home and we went to Palios to eat.  We had the Hawaiian Sunshine pizza and it was delicious.  The kids must really like their pizza too because they ate up their cheese pizza.
  • Back at home, Robby and I worked on getting 3 booster seats across the back of the van with no luck (we still have a plan b, c and even d-and if plan d doesn’t work, then Graham will be up for sale-kidding, kind of) 
  • Campbell was a fussy girl and was sent to bed early while the big 3 made smoothies.  They enjoyed their strawberry smoothies made with Robby’s new blender-his belated Father’s Day gift, yeah that is what it was.  Next up is to bed for everyone….we will see how that goes.  The boys have gotten into a bad habit of calling us upstairs because they “want to tell us something”
  • Blog update: About bedtime, we decided to work on the car seats some more.  It must be 140 degrees in the garage but we finally made it work.  The new back seat riders are Campbell, Reagan and Anderson.  Poor Reagan will have the task of buckling everyone in until Anderson can get the hang of it.  They were all in their pajamas and sweat was dripping off of the boys heads and Reagan was just as hot.  We even had the car turned on (of course, with the garage up) but it was still blazing hot.  Robby tried to just convince the boys to sleep in their underwear but they would have no part in that!

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