June 24, 2011

Who needs Orange Leaf?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • We are definitely the kind of neighbors that you do not want to have-before 7 this morning we are on the back deck with the boys cutting hair.  The girls were sitting at the door watching all of the excitement through the glass.
  • And since the boys needed an incentive to sit still, lemon icees were everyone’s reward.  Anderson was the first victim so he had his along with Reagan who dutifully fed Campbell hers until Campbell grabbed the spoon away and took over.  Soon Graham was finished and he joined the crew.
  • Next up was baths to get all of that hair off of the boys.  And since the girls needed baths too they also got dipped.  By now, it was time for Robby to go to work so he left causing a meltdown by Anderson who wanted Robby to wash him up, he also wanted to give Robby and hug and a kiss and then he was upset because he couldn’t wave out of the window.  Soon he calmed and everyone was dressed and ready but me. 
  • After my shower, we all went downstairs.  I tried to talk the kids out of having breakfast since we had already had icees but they all said they were hungry.  We had our breakfast and Reagan is nearing finishing off our blueberries.  I missed my chance to pick strawberries and will probably miss my opportunity to go and pick blueberries this year too-very, very sad.  Anyway, after we picked up the house we headed to the library
  • Everyone was very good at the library and we picked out as many books as I could carry.  It was at least 50 pounds of books-seriously.  When we came home, Campbell took a nap and the rest of us climbed on the couch and started reading.  We read 6 books before lunch and the last one showed how to make paper airplanes.  So the big 3 and I made a few airplanes
  • I had let everyone pick out a movie at the library so we stayed on the couch for lunch and watched a movie.  While the movie was going on, I snuck in the kitchen to whip up some brownies for tomorrow and then we read a few other books before rest time.  At rest time, Reagan read one of her books from the library.  Barnes and Noble has a thing that if you read 8 books this summer, you get a free book.  So Reagan read her first today-she was so excited that she would be able to get a free book-even though whenever she get anything it is free to her.
  • Robby came home a few minutes early and we started working on our Disney photo album while the last few kids were waking up, drinking milk and watching a movie.  Then it was time to go and eat.  We went to Quiznos and then all shared a few ice creams at Cold Stone.  Robby still thinks we are on the Disney Dining Plan. 
  • When we made it home, we finished up the photo book and soon after we put Campbell to bed, Graham asked to go so he must have been pretty tired.  Then everyone else went to bed-but those silly boys are still calling us up there.  Big day tomorrow so we all need our sleep.

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