July 8, 2011

Should a 1-year-old
being using a smart phone?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Another morning and another morning heading to Grannymom’s house.  Campbell had her nutrition study visit today so we dropped everyone else off at Grannymoms.  And yes, Graham was not wearing a pajama shirt again this morning. 
  • I was worried that Campbell was going to get very upset when everyone else climbed out of the car but as soon as the van doors opened I threw a poptart at her and she was fine.
  • She was also fine at the Nutrition Center.  Though she did not say a word or even make a peep for examiner which made her fall below average for her expressive language skills and she was too interested in playing with the toys that she also fell below average in her receptive language skills.  That is fine though since I truly believe she is just fine-why talk when there are so many other people around here to talk for her.  Just like she was with walking, why walk when there are so many other people around here to bring you stuff.
  • Back at Grannymom’s house, everyone played outside.  The boys were crazy sweaty when I arrived.  Graham said that Anderson got in big trouble at Grannymom’s house but Reagan disagreed but seemed suspicious.  So the jury is out on who is telling the truth.  Though Anderson did get a pretty good spanking today for trying to hit me and being ugly.  That did help his attitude for awhile.  
  • When we made it home, everyone played trains for awhile.  Poor Campbell will get her train and just plop down in the middle of the train track.  This makes Reagan and Anderson go bonkers.  Graham tries to stay off of the track but his big shoes get in the way.  So playing train is quite entertaining for me.
  • While Campbell had her nap, the kids worked on making a pie for Papaw’s Monthly Dish and it was also a key lime pie because Anderson had requested one.  They were alot of help and thankfully no one grated their tiny little fingers
  • Soon it was lunch time and time for Nonna to come over.  I had a meeting at work so Nonna came over to play.  The kids colored and colored and when I came home it was time for nap.  After nap it was soon time for supper.  The boys and Campbell had mac and cheese and sandwiches. 
  • Reagan had her sandwich in the car on our way to go work getting things ready for VBS.  She was disappointed that her friend wasn’t there to play with but she was happy to color and very happy that Jason showed up to color with her.  She made a zillion pictures and was so pleased about showing Robby when she came home.

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