June 10, 2011

Love me some hotel living!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The boys woke up at 6 this morning which was way too early for anyone.  But when Graham said “but it’s light out” and started getting out of bed, I knew there was no stopping them. 
  • They laid semi quietly in my bed until their milk was finished and then it was movie time and they continued to wake up more and more (or get louder and louder).  Eventually though it was time for everyone to get up and we all started the day
  • I told the kids that we would go to my work today and they were ready to go as soon as we put our clothes on.  But first, I made everyone straighten upstairs and then eat breakfast. 
  • I had to work on my charts at work and their were other kids there making a mess as we came in-most of the balls had been thrown out of the ball pit.  The kids all played and watched the other kids playing.  Eventually, the Dennies did help the other boys pick up the balls.  Reagan was so glad that we could keep playing after picking up.  Once the room was picked up, the Dennie kids played and played.
  • There was a little baby at work and Campbell tried to give her the sippy cup, help her stand up and even get a piggy back ride from her.  Poor baby V around here will have to be monitored constantly or Campbell will have to be kept in another room.  Maybe we should start practicing being “sweet” with a baby doll
  • Back at home, we had lunch-I let the kids eat on the couch so I could get a few things wrapped up before we left.  The kids didn’t seem to excited about going on a trip-actually, Anderson said he didn’t want to go.  And Reagan kept asking how far we had to go to get there.  When I explained that we didn’t have to go far at all it did make them a bit happier. 
  • We zoomed over to Memphis and didn’t stop at all.  It did help that Campbell and Graham slept most of the way and I haven’t been letting the kids watch movies in the car for the past few days so they really relished watching the movies (and it did help that they watched a whole 2+ hours of tv that Robby had taped for them)
  • When we made it to the hotel, we checked in, unloaded and then went downstairs during their happy hour and had some drinks (coke products only) and snacks (chips, salsa and goldfish).  The highlight for the kids was watching the ducks and fish swim in the water area right by where we were eating.  Graham did almost pop out of his chair when a duck came to eat a few of the fish that he had dropped
  • After having our snack, the boys were delighted to play with Caleb and Will in the lobby for a few minutes while waiting on pizza.  Next up was pizza out near the pool and then swimming.  We were very fortunate that the pool cleared out before we swam.  It was too cold for me but no one else seemed to mind-especially not Campbell or Graham.  Campbell tried to do everything that Graham did-kick her feet to splash, jump off the edge-she had no fear
  • After baths, we laid the kids down and never heard a peep out of them-love hotel living!

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