Disney and Travels Home-June 3, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
The first movement that happened in our room last night happened around 8:30 this morning.  Anderson had to go potty and probably had been trying to wake me up for awhile because he finally just pinched me-which scared me silly.  This woke Campbell up so she got in bed with me but then we all went back to sleep for a bit longer.  We really didn’t stir until after 9 and everyone played quietly with their new toys (everyone got toys at Disney-the boys got Test Track car sets, Reagan bought a Sleeping Beauty princess with clothes and Campbell managed to get a Minnie doll on the last day.  Their toys have been the best money we spent because they have just sat and played and played with them).  Even though we were all making quite a bit of racket, Anderson didn’t really stir until around 10, you could tell that he was the only one who didn’t have a nap yesterday despite staying up until 1 in the morning.
We put on our swimsuits and sunscreened up (all but me and now my back is a little bit toasty).  Then we headed downstairs to the beach and pool.  This place is pretty fancy so we walked along the trail to the beach which had bridges, a stream and a pond.  The beach wasn’t too hot this morning and it was pretty crowded.  We found us a spot and headed to the water.  The water was warm, fairly calm and shallow. 
Campbell was content just sitting in the water splashing and Anderson could have played in the sand all day long.  I finally had to tell him that Robby and I would help him make a big sandcastle in August.  Graham has no fear and would just dive into the water and would run as far as he could if you would let him.  Reagan loved everything-the sand, the water, the sun and the waves.  Her favorite was going out in the deeper (3 feet) water with Robby and waiting on the waves. 
The highlight was seeing jelly fish.  I at first though they were tar balls since that is what I always hear about on the news.  Anderson kept asking if they were toy jellyfish.  As you can imagine after seeing the jellyfish, we decided to go to the pool. 
Robby still thinks we are on the Disney dining plan and decided to get lunch by the pool.  It was incredibly nice.  There was a breeze, we were in the shade and a man was playing the guitar and singing right behind us.  After our hot dog and chicken finger lunch, we dove on in the pool.  We only probably swam there about 30 more minutes before deciding to get snow cones back by the beach.
We all had our snow cones and watched the turtles swim in the pond.  By the time we had finished, Graham was ready to take a nap-he was just sitting in the stroller in a zombie like state.  Back in the room the kids had baths and then everyone laid down for a bit.  We decided not to put Campbell in her bed since we would be leaving in about an hour and before long we looked over there and she was laying in the floor sound asleep.  Everyone but Anderson slept and since he woke up so late he probably wasn’t tired anyway. 
We then loaded up for supper and headed to Hudsons to eat supper.  I had a pear, pecan, feta and strawberry salad along with my crab cake supper.  Robby had blackened cobia and the kids had chicken fingers.  And for dessert we split a piece of peanut butter pie (which the kids didn’t eat because I told them it had fish in it). 
At the restaurant, they sat a basket of appetizers on the table.  Robby told the kids what they were and encouraged them to try it.  A few minutes later, Anderson said “I guess I’ll try a dog finger”-can you guess what our appetizer was?  Hush puppies. 
On the way home, we came back across the toll road and Graham shouted “not again.”  And I know reading that just does not do it justice but it sounded just like Robby would say.  He was completely exasperated that we were having to pay a dollar and a quarter to cross the bridge.
On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Hilton Head lighthouse.  The kids were not impressed with the lighthouse or our beautiful walk on the docks.  All they cared about was getting to the playground that they saw when we parked.  We did let them play while Robby rearranged some suitcases in the car.  The plan was for him to take Campbell in the stroller but she was not pleased knowing that they were playing.  He eventually had to bring her back to the playground to appease her. 
Back at the hotel, we played with out toys some more, had our milk, changed into pjs and went to bed.  During prayer time, Graham’s prayer went like this “Thank you God for the booo-tiful beach and the boooooo-tiful swimming pool.  Amen.”
Now they are all laying down going to sleep and I feel a little bit like I am playing that game Whack A Mole-where the little animals keep popping up and you try to bop them down as quick as you can.  They have all been taking turns popping up to say or ask something.  It would be quite comical to watch-as soon as one lays down, another one pops up to ask for something.

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