Disney-June 1, 2011

WDW Peoplemover =
4 Happy Dennie kids
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Today was our last day before everyone heads on their way so we were at the park pretty early this morning.  We parked and then rode the boat across the lake to the Magic Kingdom.  The boat is nice since you don’t have to push the strollers up the hill.  We were going through the bag security as they opened the park so we were off and running with the rest of them.  The boys had said that they wanted to ride the Astro Orbiter so that was what we did first today.  The line wasn’t long and since Robby was off getting fast passes, Nonna was the lucky one who rode with us. 
I had Anderson and Campbell in my car and Nonna rode with Graham and Reagan.  It is a pretty tame ride but towards the end it really takes off and you start spinning quickly.   This is about the time that Anderson shouted “I’m getting seasick” thankfully, he wasn’t getting seasick and was just a bit dramatic about the whole thing. 
Then we decided to cross the entire park and get Orange slushes and Dole whip before riding Aladdin's magic carpet again.  After Campbell had her first sip of slush she was not going to return the cup to me for anything.  I eventually had to go and get another cup from the counter so I could split our drink.  The kids rode the magic carpet while I secretly enjoyed my Dole whip.
Next up was a short walk to Peter Pan’s ride and the kids loved it.  Then we went right across the way to Small World again.  This time, Campbell could hardly stay in the boat she was so excited.  She clapped, hollered, danced and sang.  It was by far her favorite ride.  When we finished the ride, we looked outside and it was pouring.  Grandpa had told Grannymom earlier in the day that the weather map looked like rain was coming this way but no one heeded his warning to bring any rain gear except for Pops.
It was barely raining when we started walking towards the Haunted Mansion but it was pouring when he came out.  Pouring and I don’t know where all of these people got their ponchos so quickly.  But even if we would have had ours, I don’t know if I would have taken them out of the bag-who can get them back in the bag?  During the first part of Haunted Mansion, Graham was terrified-climbing all over and clawing me.  But during the ride part, he had a great time.  He just sat and stared.  I did keep him busy looking for and at things but he even asked to go back on it later in the day.
We then headed to lunch at Pecos Bill.  Probably because of the rain, but everyone in the park was there.  And I do mean everyone.  Nonna, the kids and I searched for a table and even though there must be 500 tables we hunted and looked and hunted some more.  It was a mad house-wheelchairs, scooters, people with full trays of food and drinks, strollers and us holding a flailing Campbell who wanted to get down and walk and having the 3 other kids follow us.  But eventually, Anderson saved the day (and lunch) and found the perfect table.  Nonna did have to help the family finish up their food before they left-she even cleared off the table for them.
It was a great spot in the last room in a corner so even though the places was crazy, our lunch still seemed peaceful.  We had never eaten there and our lunch was very good-BBQ sandwiches and taco salad. 
The rain had slacked off some and we all split up.  Robby, Grannymom, Anderson and Reagan went off to ride Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  They had fast passes and walked right on and they said that they loved it.  It was their first time to ride it so they were very pleased.  Jason went to the Hall of Presidents.  Nonna, Pops and Campbell went shopping on Main Street and I tried to distract Graham so he didn’t realize that Reagan and Anderson were riding big rides that he didn’t get to ride. 
Graham and I climbed the Swiss Family Robinson tree house and he really took it all in.  We saw their kitchen briefly as we walked past the first time but he even asked to go back by the kitchen and see it again.  Then we decided to hop on the train and it took me forever to find the train-I had forgotten where it stops but along the way we found Jason so he rode the train with us to Main Street.
At Main Street, most everyone went on the train loop again and scoped out the new Fantasyland coming in 2012.  I did a little ornament shopping and Nonna and Pops did a bit of shopping themselves.  By the time Robby and everyone finished with the train, the bottom had fallen out of the sky again and we all raced to board the Monorail back to the transportation center.  Oh, now I did forget that Anderson pointed to a fairly large man today and said “that is the fattest man I have ever seen.”  Even though that statement was true, we did discuss just whispering things like that to me.
Back at the transportation center, Robby headed off to the van.  We had decided to just go on to Epcot today and skip our daily nap/swim.  He drove to Epcot while we got on the next Monorail and rode it there.  If it would have still been raining, we wouldn’t have had a fairly dry walk into Epcot but by then it was starting to be sunny.
We stopped at the picture spot to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie and Campbell did great.  She had her paci in her mouth but there was no screaming.  I thought she did fine because it all happened so fast but she did okay later in the day too with a bunny.  Pops and Robby even had a chance to ride a segway and the kids played in the fire safety house.
At the Test Track area, we bought the boys their presents from the trip.  They were so happy about it and really enjoyed getting to drive the remote control car that someone was showing off.  We didn’t let them open the presents tonight but they had stared at their boxes, thrown them and even snuck their tiny hands through the holes to feel their new toy. 
Next up, we caught the boat towards the World Showcases.  We saw the trains at the outpost and the kids could have looked at the trains forever.  Finally, we headed on and our next stop was a bite to eat in France.  Everyone needs a French pastry when you are in France.  Then we stopped and took a picture with some cat-must have been French. 
The kids and especially Campbell enjoyed running around the maze in Great Britain.  They thought it was so fun and Campbell just liked being out of her stroller.  Graham and Reagan went in to see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.  Next stop of the day was the Canadian waterfall.  On the way there, Anderson and Graham stopped at a phone booth.  As they were playing with the pay phone, Anderson explained to Graham “this is what they had a long time ago.”
Soon we were at Coral Reef and managed to have our dinner over an hour earlier than our reservations.  We were pretty far back in the restaurant so we couldn’t see the aquarium very well but we still managed to see sharks, sting rays and even divers (the kids favorite).  After dinner, we rode the ball ride and this is the ride that Anderson has been wanting to do since we arrived.  I hope it satisfied him but I think that it did.
We didn’t have too much left so we headed back to the hotel.  At the hotel, the kids all had baths while Robby and I unloaded the van and reloaded our van.  After Graham’s bath, he thought that Pops put his underwear on the wrong way (he didn’t) and Graham came in there to me with tears in his eyes complaining about his underwear. I had to take off all of his clothes and start again.  Pitiful-needless to say, Graham didn’t want to spent the night in Pops’ room tonight.  But it was so late and since no one had had a nap, they pretty much fell asleep immediately.  Like I am going to do!  One more half day at the park and then we are off to South Carolina.

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