June 16, 2011

Summertime Fun!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a video)
  • Day 4 of VBS getting ready didn’t go as well today as it did yesterday but we all made it, picked up Lilly and were at church on time.  Campbell started arching her back as soon as I pushed her stroller up to the door of her classroom and Graham started off going into his class but had to many hugs and decided that he didn’t want to go in
  • The kids liked the hot dogs at lunch today the best.  They gobbled them up and were quite excited about getting a piece of Mr. Milan’s 80th birthday cake-but by the time I made it to the line, I had to split the last piece of cake with the person in front of me and then I split it again for the boys who really wanted the cake.  When Anderson told Mr. Milan Happy Birthday and gave him the card we made, Anderson was quick to ask him if he could have some of his cake.
  • Reagan went home with Kennedy and they had a blast.  Reagan was a little nervous about going over to play-she asked if I was going to drop her off, going to say, would pick her up, asked if Kennedy could just come over here.  She did fine though and they had a blast-they spent most of their time playing dollhouse and then coloring.
  • The boys were pretty bummed that they couldn’t go with Kennedy and Reagan but Robby promised them that we could play in the water tonight and that made their day and helped everyone take a good rest.  When Campbell woke up from her nap, she went downstairs and started calling “Reagan? Reagan?”  Also, when we were leaving Reagan with Kennedy at church, Campbell kept going back to give Reagan hugs before we left.
  • We picked Reagan up and then went to Moe’s to eat and finally made it home to play in the water.  The last time we played in the water hose, Campbell wasn’t able to walk but this time she can and she had a blast.  They all enjoyed it and there was very little fussing this evening.  Maybe we should play in the water every night!

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