June 25, 2011

And then there were .... Seven Kids
between the Dennies & Babbs!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
(click here for a quick video from Magic Springs)
  • Another crazy day around here.  It didn’t take too long for the kids to perk up and put their clothes on this morning.  They were ready to go and even tried to climb in the car before Robby and I were ready.  He was vacuuming it out and before he could stop them they were headed in.
  • Soon enough, we had everyone reloaded, sitting and waiting while we loaded up the car.  Graham was very concerned that we brought the watermelon-he didn’t see us load it up since it was in the ice chest.  And asked continuously until we answered him
  • We picked up our McDs breakfast-I tell you, I am pretty good at dividing up one “big breakfast with hotcakes” into 4 plates and then passing them out in the car while flying down the freeway.  And the kids are pretty good about devouring it all-Campbell started signing more just as I put the last of my food into my mouth.  She was out of luck.
  • It was much warmer today at Magic Springs with no clouds like last week.  But there is still decent shade and a few spots that are breezy.  They opened the gates early this week and we waited in the shade until we could go all the way in.  When we did we headed to the big roller coaster that only Reagan and Anderson could do.
  • Graham waited patiently and seemed to enjoy waving at everyone on the coaster even though he had had a meltdown earlier about not getting to ride.  Next year though he will be all into it-and probably a little braver than his brother.
  • They then rode the old timey cars followed by the little roller coaster.  They even rode it twice-Graham raised his little arms during the ride.  The big water ride was next.  Anderson wanted no part of it today.  The getting wet part is what he doesn’t like and he even stood behind a tree when the spray would come near us as we waited.  Graham and Reagan had a blast and Robby was pretty wet when they got off of the ride.
  • We then walked to the log ride and the line was too long-we will have to go there first next time.  The kids were fine with it because we went to the carousel next.  Campbell was very upset when the ride was over so we rode it again for her.  Then the little airplanes, the up and down ride and then the ferris wheel. 
  • We then split an ice cream cone 6 ways for lunch and then back to the big kid roller coaster and the old timey cars 2 more times (so everyone could have a turn riding up front).  Reagan wanted to stand on the bridge and get cooled off with the spray from the ride again and that girl became soaking wet. 
  • She was so wet that when we went to the car next she froze the whole way.  We had a stop at Walgreens to pick up pictures, a stop by McClards to pick up supper and then checking out our Dennie family rental for July.  After gas and a drive around Ouachita we were sufficiently cooled off and ready to visit the Babbs and see baby Cooper.
  • Anderson had me show him a picture of Carter and Millie earlier in the week because he said he didn’t remember who they were-but everyone acted like they were best of friends.  They played with all of Carter and Millie’s toys and then we had our supper
  • The kids then went out to play outside and next up was the watermelon-Reagan had been so excited about it.  Everyone tried some but Anderson quickly said he didn’t like it, Campbell gnawed on hers a little, Graham ate most of his and Reagan ate her weight in watermelon.  Her and Carter ate most of the watermelon and almost finished it off.
  • We needed some way to clean off those sticky kids so we turned on the sprinkler and everyone had a blast.  Campbell was ready to come in first followed by Graham.  Reagan and Carter even had a piece of watermelon on the deck after everyone else came in.  Reagan was quite impressed with Carter’s seed spitting of the seeds from the seedless watermelon.
  • After they changed into their pajamas it was time to pick up (we didn’t do a good job at that) and head home.  Graham and Campbell fell asleep on the way home and everyone was exhausted when we made it home.  Everyone laid down in the living room when they walked in the door and after we tucked them in we never heard a peep out of them!

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