June 20, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Tickle Fest!
  • Monday morning and the girls were the first ones to wake up.  The boys actually slept until at least 7:30 (that benedryl helped-ha).  Graham was the only one that ended up putting on his clothes today and the rest never got around to it.
  • We had breakfast and Anderson reminded me to read out Bible Story book and then we started reading a magazine.  For the most part, if I read to them they would sit and eat forever (probably should have tried that at supper).
  • Next up was playing legos, coloring with Reagan and everyone working in the garage while I worked on the file cabinet and car seat.  With 3 bikes, 2 umbrellas and 4 back packs being used in the garage it became pretty hazardous-good thing Graham insisted on wearing his helmet (even though he wasn’t even riding his bike on carpet and in a 95 degree garage)
  • Lunch time-apples, yogurt, blueberries, turkey and cheese-and a bit more reading.  Robby even came home for a few minutes and played ball with everyone.  When they play ball, they all line up beside each other and each have a ball to play catch with.  It didn’t take too long for Campbell to figure out the routine and play along
  • Speaking of Campbell, she has become quite the talker in the last few days.  She repeats any one word thing they we say and even shouted at the boys to “walk” the other day.  I don’t think that she felt too good today-runny nose and such.  But she still played hard…and yes, it is about time for someone to get sick since it won’t be too long before another trip
  • Afternoon naps and then everyone woke up for supper.  The kids turned their nose up at our Mexican lasagna leftovers so they were told to eat up or forgo their milk and snack tonight.  And I never would have guessed it but Anderson finished his (finally) and was the only one who had a snack and milk.  The things that boy will do for milk.
  • Robby and everyone played ball again and even had a big tickle fest to calm them down before bed.  A pretty good Monday.

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