June 6, 2011

Which face is not like the other?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone still must be a little tired this morning because we were moving around fairly slow.
  • I had somehow forgotten about breakfast and Reagan had to remind me about breakfast this morning.  No one else had seemed to notice but we did all managed to eat half of a loaf of bread-everyone loves toast
  • The kids spent the morning playing with a zillion stickers and then this led to signing autographs and passing them out.  I guess they got this idea from Mickey.  Though somehow Reagan only wrote “Emily Marie Dennie” on her autographs
  • Next up was lunch and reading a few magazines.  After lunch, I had put everyone’s pizza leftovers in the trash.  Before long, Campbell walked to the trash can and grabbed out a piece of pizza.  I asked her if she was hungry and she nodded her head and continued on her way with her pizza in her mouth.  And I let her have it (please don’t nominate me for the bad mom award)
  • After lunch, Robby came home for a few minutes and then we all loaded up to take Robby back to work.  We had left his car there before our Disney trip and today was the first time we thought about picking it up.  Though, we did get a playdate offer today and I almost said yes and loaded up the kids-wouldn’t that have been horrible if we all traipsed to the garage and saw that it was empty.  They would have been crushed!
  • We came home for naps and most everyone had a nap.  Since we went to nap late when they woke up it was nearing 5 but everyone still demanded a snack.  I didn’t find anything out of the trash (Campbell’s approach) and managed to find a some cereal.
  • While they were watching a cartoon, the character went to the pyramids and Anderson asked if I had ever been to the pyramids.  I said no but Grannymom had seen them.  Reagan said “but I have been to the pyramid too and we even went in”  I was briefly stumped until I remembered Vegas.
  • Soon Robby was home and it was time for hot dogs.  Anderson said that it reminded him of the other place with hot dogs-though it wasn’t as good as the Varsity.  We played a few games tonight and then it was time for bed. 

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