Disney and Travels Home-June 4, 2011

Supper at the Varisty!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
Plan A was for us to leave around 7 this morning but when Robby’s alarm clock went off he decided on Plan B which was to leave around 9.  We woke up around 8ish and were in the car near 9.  We made a stop at McDonalds and Robby asked if anyone wanted fries and Graham was determined that he wanted a hamburger so that is what everyone had. 
We made to to Atlanta a little after 1 despite quite a bit to construction work traffic.  We toured the Carter library and Reagan remembered that the other library we had been too (Reagans) had jelly beans in the oval office because jelly beans were his favorite.  When we were all standing in the model of the oval office, I was trying to have the kids remember what it was called.  Graham was the one who remembered that it was “oval.” 
Reagan was very interested in the dresses at the library along with everything about little Amy Carter.  Campbell enjoyed squealing/yelling in the large rooms that echoed so we eventually had to let her out of the stroller so she would be quiet.  She did fine walking around but we did have to chase her most of the time. 
Soon we were at our favorite Atlanta stop:the Varsity.  The kids devoured 3 hot dogs and Anderson liked my “circle french fries” –onion rings.  While we were eating some girls were there dressed up in very fancy clothes and Graham could not take his eyes off of the “princesses.” 
While Campbell was drinking from my coke, Reagan asked her “Can Reagan have some coke?” and Campbell nodded her head yes while still sucking down the coke from the straw as fast as she could.  Then Reagan said “Can Reagan have some coke NOW?” and Campbell shook her head and turned her little body away from Reagan while still sipping the drink.
Graham spend the rest of the afternoon in the car singing “Dana, Dana, Dana, Dana” over and over and over.  He also colored on his arms and legs with a pen and had a meltdown because Robby gave him Skittles instead of Reeses Pieces. He fussed about this until he finally fell asleep.
Someone in our car hardly ever slept-Anderson.  If there is a movie on he will not go to sleep, he doesn’t want to miss a thing.  He is so funny because he will just suddenly burst out laughing. 
A bit after leaving Atlanta, we looked at the clock and looked at how far it would be to get home and decided that it was worth skipping our hotel and pressing on just to get home.  This is the same hotel that Robby had made reservations for last year and we skipped it because of the snow and now this Disney trip we were also skipping this hotel.  Next year, if he makes a reservation there they probably won’t even have a room ready for us knowing that we won’t show up. 
When it became dark, Robby turned off the movie and told the kids to rest.  They were quiet but they were all listening to me read Robby the blogs of the last 3 Disney trips.  Every once in awhile they would pop their heads up and ask a questions about something I had read. 
As Anderson was about to fall asleep, he asked me “how does Daddy stay awake?”  They just can’t understand how he can stay awake so long-little did they understand they we would be pulling into our driveway a little after midnight.  We were quite surprised that we were able to make it from Hilton Head to Little Rock in one day with a few stops in Atlanta.  If we would have known we were trying to go all the way home, we would have skipped our Atlanta stops so it all worked out great.  It was a wonderful vacation and a great trip home-probably because our kids are such great travelers.  Oh, and if you are wondering my final state license plate count, it was 32.
When we made it home, the kids were pretty wired so we let them play while we unpacked the car.  It was hot in the house so Robby brought the fans to our room and just laid out everyone’s sleeping bags on the floor.  We also covered our window with a sheet in hopes of recreating a dark, cool, quite hotel room in which everyone would sleep in late (and it worked!)

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