August 21, 2011

A whole lot of Love!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby and I were up before the sun came up-like we were going on a trip.  Campbell woke up around 6:10ish and joined us on the couch.  She covered up, snuggled and had some milk until she heard the boys.  Then she jumped up with a grunt and ran up the stairs to get her brothers
  • They all watched a movie in our bed while Robby and I snoozed a bit (him in the bed and me in the floor).  The next thing that I knew naked children were running around trying to put on their clothes screaming about getting cinna minis.  Soon we were all in the car making a few stops on the way to church (cinna minis for the kids from Burger King, a breakfast burrito for Robby and a drink for me from Sonic)
  • Campbell is now my fit thrower when she gets dropped off and Graham was hesitant but he walked right on in his class with the promise to get to paint.  That boy does love to paint.  Reagan and Anderson went to big church with us and a briefly thought that poor Anderson was going to get snatched up by his Daddy and taken to the back and beaten but he quickly straightened up (though he continued to be a bit defiant/tired all day long)
  • Since Nonna and Pops were out of town today we were on our own for Sunday lunch.  We pulled out fish leftovers for the kids but they had all grabbed their milk before we could get the car unloaded so they were not that hungry (though they did gobble down their supper-maybe we should just start feeding them two meals a day).
  • After lunch, Campbell took a nap while everyone else waited on the garage door repair man to come (he was a no show) and then Grannymom stayed with the crew while Grandpa and us went to look at a house (yes, surprising huh?  Who knows, probably already has an offer but worth a look.  Good price but would still need a few things.  I love to dream and plan but Robby will now have the house bug.  And yes, perfect timing-thinking about buying and selling a house all within a month of having a baby.  Whatever happens happens and since my Gamble Road house is pretty perfect I’ll be happy either way)
  • When we came back, Robby ran to church while we stayed at home.  We figured that the Lord’s Supper in combination with Reagan (who would be fine) and the boys (who would not understand why they weren’t getting a snack) in church it would all be too much for me to handle while Robby was serving the Lord’s Supper. 
  • This evening, the boys continued having trouble picking up their toys.  So after their supper, they watched a movie, we read a few books and then they were sent to bed early (though it didn’t really bother them since they were exhausted from missing their nap).  I currently have the nesting bug and am continuously sneaking toys and other stuff out to the garage for the garage sale pile so hopefully, if I do this for the next 5 weeks the toy mess will be pruned a bit.
  • Campbell went to bed with the boys and yes, potty training is going well.  Ha!  She did potty on the potty for Grannymom today but other than that she is obsessed with going potty.  I put her on the potty in our bathroom and then she wanted to potty in the other bathroom as well.  (I don’t have time for that)  She is also my refrigerator girl-she opens the door and sits her bottom down in the fridge to cool herself off.  My project for tomorrow is to find that refrigerator lock. 
  • Reagan stayed up and watched one movie after everyone went to bed.  She then wanted for us to ballet dance and then count to 100.  Before long she was in bed and Robby was getting in from church. 

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