August 25, 2011

Making Pizzas!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School day so everyone was up and ready early.  Today was were red day for Graham and I had Anderson a red shirt laid out too (you know so they can find each other on the playground) and he said that he didn’t like red.  This was news to me since he wore red Tuesday and slept in red pajamas last night but anyway, he found another shirt and all was well.
  • I took the boys to school and they just walk in without a problem-I know this should be a wonderful thing but it is kind of starting to make me sad.  Not that I liked Graham’s fits but at least he showed that he would miss me terribly with his fits.
  • Robby dropped off the girls.  As soon as Reagan walked in she asked Grannymom if they could go and pick something.  And since apples are on a tree around the corner from her they went and picked a few.  When they came home, they made apple dumplings and boy were they yummy.  Reagan did some of her school work at Grannymoms to lighten the load a bit.
  • Robby picked up all of the kids while I stopped by work-though I should have ran one more errand and picked up some milk since we were out.  Thankfully, we had one last cupful so we were able to make it through the afternoon.
  • We had lunch and then they played with legos until school time and nap time for Campbell.  After school our big activity was washing the legos-some how they had gotten a little bit smelly (I actually try not to think about how they have become stinky). 
  • Robby came home and we made mini pizzas out of english muffins and the kids gobbled them up and were so pleased with their pizza.  Then we ran to Nonna and Pops’ house to work on his computer for a few minutes.  Soon we were back home and they were all tucked snug in bed.

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