Beach Trip: August 11, 2011

Never a DULL moment!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
We started our morning with Campbell waking up first but she laid with us for awhile and soon everyone was up and stirring.  We had even set the alarm this morning because we were headed out to get donuts and didn’t want to miss out.  The kids noticed that alarm clock that displayed on the ceiling and it was quite the conversation piece for them.
We made it to the Donut Hole around 9 and I was immediately concerned that the donuts we wanted-chocolate creme filled with powdered super on the outside-were gone.  We line was to the doorway when we arrived and the parking lot was super full.  But they had plenty but no seats so we found a bench outside and dug in.  The kids really enjoyed the chocolate covered one-we made them eat all of them and not just lick the tops off like they do at home.  Campbell picked a sprinkled donut and ate all of hers as well.  By the time we left, the line was out the door and down the porch and we were in a sugar high.
Back down to Destin to our putt putt place from last night.  The kids were so excited that we were going to get to play today and we did not have to pay (since we had a rain check from last night). And even more exciting was that they each got the color ball they wanted-Graham orange, Anderson blue and Reagan red.  We picked the mountain course because it looked like it had more shade despite the hills we would have to carry Campbell in her stroller up and down.
There will be no Tiger Woods coming from the Dennie house-I can tell you that right now.  Anderson was probably the most into it but was too impatient to wait for his ball to stop most of the time before he would hit it again.  By the end, Anderson’s approach was more like sweeping the ball into the hole.  Reagan held the club in an awkward manner and could never figure out the right way to do it but surprisingly her score would probably have been the lowest.  That is if we would have taken score-it was so early in the morning that we would have had trouble adding that high anyway.  Graham’s game started off well but by the end of the 18 holes, he would pick up his ball and place it on the edge of the hole and knock it in or he might even hit it once and then just drop it in. 
We let Campbell out of the stroller about hole 15.  It was so hot that she didn’t want to get out before then.  It was so hot in fact that the kids were dripping wet with sweat.  The boys were sweating like Robby sweats and well, we were all sweating like Robby sweats.  There really was not a dry stitch of clothes on us when we left the place.  But back to Campbell, she was all about playing when she climbed out of the stroller.  She tried with the club but then just drug it behind her.  We had a few holes were the ball went down the pipe to another area and she was fine with that.  But when it came to the last hole and we tried to get her to put the ball in the hole-she looked at us and said “uhn uhn.”  She looked in the hole and was going to have nothing to do with putting her beloved ball in that hole.  We finally had to take it from her to put it in the last hole and it was not a pretty site.  Campbell must have heard us say that the ball wouldn’t come back or maybe when she peered in the hole she decided that it looked different from the rest but I thought we will probably have to give that girl a golf ball for her birthday.
Back in the car, the kids had juice boxes to help them cool down.  I had forgotten to bring any drinks with us and even forgotten Campbell’s milk so thankfully, Robby thought about picking up some juice boxes at Walmart before our putt putt game.  We then stopped at McDonalds to get us something to drink and since they had an indoor play place we let them play for awhile.  It was too early to eat lunch when we came but soon it was after 11 so we ate there. 
Our next stop on the way back to the condo was a souvenir shop and we let the kids all pick something out.  It didn’t take too long for the boys to decide but shopping with Reagan is torturous for me and Robby because we don’t linger in stores and make decisions fairly quickly.  But Reagan marches to a different drummer when she gets in a store.  I tried not to rush her but did point out a few things that she might could buy.  Eventually, she made her selections as well.  What did we buy for 5 dollars each-the boys each got a shovel and goggles and Reagan picked out goggles and a necklace.  Campbell didn’t get anything but she didn’t really seem to mind too much.  And yes, we steered clear of the hermit crab section.  We don’t need any other living things in our house and thankfully, no one even saw it.
When we left there, we went back to the condo to change clothes to go swimming.  As everyone was out on the balcony getting their dose of sunscreen, we saw the clouds.  Robby said we should wait a few minutes and sure enough a downpour came.  We waited for about 15 minutes until it blew over and this gave me a little bit of time to pack since we are going home tomorrow. 
The rain had just barely stopped and we went to the beach.  The McGuires headed out with us and it was perfect beach weather.  It was cloudy and empty.  No one was out there at all.  The boys enjoyed digging with their shovels and making a sand castle.  Reagan picked up a zillion shells and pieces of shells.  We are going to make a picture frame at home with all of her shells.  Anderson made a treasure map in the sand with an “x” to mark the spot.  I also worked on flying the kite (yes, the lightening had stopped by then).  And no, we are not kite flying people.  Jaymie had managed to fly their kite the other day but maybe there wasn’t enough wind today.  Anderson and Graham did enjoy running with the kite trailing behind them-trailing mostly on the ground. 
Soon Campbell was ready to go-she doesn’t have alot of words but she grabbed my hand today and said “walk” and then led me in the direction of the boardwalk.  It wasn’t time to go yet so she was pretty upset but after awhile I was able to get her interested in digging in the sand some more and she calmed for a few more minutes. 
The pool was next and Reagan and Anderson have become so brave in the water.  Anderson will jump in the water without floatees and touch the bottom.  Reagan is not as brave as he is but she has still gotten to be pretty brave and they both are going under the water all of the time.  If we swam more often they would probably be like little fish.  Graham is just content to float around on his back and he loves to jump in the water or be thrown across the pool by Robby.  Campbell would finally jump into the water to Robby today and then would look over at me and Reagan waiting on us to clap for her.  She also has become much more brave and would leave the steps and then kick her way back to them.
It started raining at the pool and we used that excuse to head back up to the room.  After everyone had showers and changed their clothes, they thought that it was lunch time since that it what we have been doing so Robby fixed them a snack.  Campbell was falling apart as we headed out the door back to Seaside but she soon fell asleep in the car along with Graham and everyone was in a much better mood after a car ride. 
At Seaside, we got our food-Robby bought bbq from one food truck and the kids had a grilled cheese from a another one.  I ate from the grilled cheese truck but had a grilled tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich.  It was delicious.  After our supper, we made the loop around the little square and even walked down a few streets looking at the houses.  Then we made out way to the beach but saw that the main walkway was closed for a wedding.  The kids were able to stand and see the wedding, so we watched until it was over and most of the people had cleared out and then we skirted by the sign to take walk on the beach.
I had dressed the kids in the outfits that I had planned on taking pictures in tonight but pictures didn’t go so smooth this evening.  Reagan couldn’t manage to put her arm around her brothers without squeezing their necks.  Anderson, Mr. Shifty Eyes, can’t look at the camera for anything.  Graham would have rather played in the sand and Campbell, the crazy child, all she wanted to do was run, run, run.  If we told her to run she would stop, if we said stand when would sit, if we said sit she would stand-she was being quite contrary.  We did manage to get a couple of shots in but the photo session had to be cut short after we glanced at Campbell’s diaper.  It was in desperate need of changing. 
After her change, it was time for snow cones.  The kids were in line with Robby tonight as he ordered and the lady said “large? Large is very big.” as a warning to him.  And he replied back with “we’ve been here a few times, even had a bracelet to prove it.”  He should have told the lady that he has spent nearly 100 dollars at her little snow cone stand over the past week.  But the snow cones have been one of the kids favorite things (Robby’s too probably).  After snow cones had made it into their tummys, on to their hands, face and clothes (yes, Graham rode home with out his shirt again tonight), it was time to head back to the condo.
We were the first ones back and played a few wii games and then I put Campbell in the bathtub to wash off the sand from her bottom and soon Graham came ready for a bath.  This was fine because I was able to pack some more with them in the tub.  Graham was the first to want out and soon I was about to get Campbell out (which it is never pretty getting her out of the bathtub) when along came Reagan and Anderson wanting to get into the tub.  So Campbell was given a short reprieve before having to get out. 
Once everyone was out and in their pajamas, we laid out their beds and they were out pretty quick.  Tomorrow the plan is sleeping, swimming in the pool and then hopefully leaving around 2-we will see if we can stick to that plan.

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