August 26, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Cash!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We had an early start this morning because we had to start school before it was time to go swimming at Kennedy’s house.  Reagan, Kennedy, Noah and Alyssa Kate all go to Comm Central so Reagan just  assumed that it was a school party. 
  • We had our breakfast and then started school.  Before long it was time to put on those bathing suits and head over to swim.  The kids could have played inside with the new toys but soon they saw the pool and headed downstairs.
  • When Campbell saw the pool she exclaimed “oh, wow!”  Anderson was the first off of the diving board and even though he did good, he never went back on it again.  Graham “no fear” went off of the diving board continuously the whole time we were there.  He would try to imitate Noah and do flips, somersaults or jump backwards.  Of course all of his fancy dives looked the same.  Reagan spent her time putting her head underwater, trying to touch the bottom or playing hide and seek.
  • Jodee had offered to feed us (I had tried to swing by McDonalds on the way there and pick up burgers but they didn’t serve breakfast until 10:30 and it was a few minutes before).  We munched and then swam for a few more minutes before leaving.  It was after 2 when we made it home and Campbell and Graham were asleep.  I had to wake them to get them out of the car. 
  • The big 3 headed upstairs and Campbell went to the fridge to get her milk….at least I thought.  As I nudged her out of the fridge, she didn’t have her milk but a slice of pizza.  I figured that she might have been hungry so I let her have it-at least until I put her into bed.  A pizza lover just like her Daddy.
  • Reagan had a bit more school to finish so her and Anderson stayed up for a few more minutes until she finished.  Everyone slept for a long while and soon it was time to load up again and go to Cash’s birthday party.
  • Cash celebrated his 5th birthday with a construction themed party and everyone had a good time.  There was Mexican food, cupcakes, a three legged race (which Reagan and Lilly won) and lots of trampoline jumping.
  • Tonight was Anderson’s night to spend the night at Grannmyom’s house so we left him at the party and came home to put the other’s in the bathtub.  Campbell and Graham went to sleep in their rooms and Reagan watched a few movies in our bed until her bed time.

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