Beach Trip: August 5, 2011

We Love Ice Cream!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
The day started off with the kids asking if this was trip day and they couldn’t understand why Robby was going to work. We still had lots to do around the house plus school, so everyone was ushered downstairs to start school at the breakfast table. After cleaning up for a bit, we finished school and as soon as we did, Robby came home and Anderson and I headed out the door.
We headed to school for Anderson to meet Ms. Stacy (even though he already knows her) and to see the classroom. On the way there, he said “what if I can’t do it?” I didn’t understand what he was saying until he explained that he didn’t know if he could do the work in the big boy class. I assured him that he definitely could because he was a very smart boy. He talked with Ms. Stacy, loved getting to play with some of the toys, smiled for a picture and picked out playdough to take home-he picked out black. I thought that was a strange choice but whatever.
When we walked in the door, Robby left to go back to work. Reagan and Graham were watching a movie and Campbell never stirred from her morning nap so I guess I could have left them by themselves (kidding). We had lunch and read a few stories and then they went upstairs to play while I straightened downstairs. Before I could finish, the kids all tried to come back downstairs but I had to “close downstairs” so they couldn’t come back down.
We then picked up upstairs, pottied and shoed up. I loaded them in the car and finished loading up the last few things in the car. Yes, the top bag was all packed from last night and we were even able to park in the garage (just barely). There are always tons of last minute things and the two things that I have thought of we have left is our atlas and water bottles. Not a huge deal since between our phones and gps we don’t need a map but it sure is nice to just see where you are. Robby had one water bottle at his desk so he brought it down so we at least have something to drink (well, we do have those 3 12 packs of coke and 3 boxes of juice boxes and that gallon of milk-that all should last us for a few more hours).
We pulled out of the driveway at 2 and dropped off the garage door clicker at Grannymom and Grandpa’s and then headed to my work. Yes, it was a crazy busy day and it was also chart day at work. The kids played with the toys at work last time we went but it takes me twice as long to do my work because I am having to watch them and then it takes us a while to clean up (and last time we were there, other kids playing there destroyed the place and I don’t want people to ever think we made a mess like that and we learned a new word from the other kids there as well and I don’t want that to happen again either since they have just now forgotten it). All that to say, that they didn’t get to play but I did bring coloring books for them and there were even a few toys in the office area that they could touch.
Everyone did excellent. Campbell never left her stroller (not that she had a choice) but the others kept her entertained my handing her toys. Reagan could have colored on every page of her book and Anderson and Graham found some cars and were as happy as they could be. They did all look pretty pitiful as we had to walk out of the office and pass the room completely full of fun toys-ball pits, swings, slides, bikes, balls-but I was able to finish in plenty of time.
Robby told us to meet him at or after 3:30 and we pulled up a bit early at 3:10. He thought he was even going to be early but he ended up having to do a bit more work and didn’t get downstairs until 3:45ish. But that was fine-I read to the kids and Graham took a bit of a nap.
Soon Robby was downstairs and we were on the road heading to Mobile, Alabama. Graham woke up in a pretty foul mood but calmed eventually. Our biggest excitement during the first leg of the trip was seeing a police car in hot pursuit of someone that had bailed out of their car. We never saw the fleer though but it did make for some interesting conversations-and yes, I did double check that the car doors were locked. Graham had to go potty but the lights were all off in the town that we were in so bathrooms/gas stations were closed but since the side of the road is always open, we pulled on over. His aim is pretty good from the side of the van but I just should have stepped back a few more inches but my shoes did eventually dry! The kids had never seen crop dusters so they were pretty impressed with them and the huge irrigation systems also interested Anderson.
We stopped at McDonalds in Lake Village for our first potty stop and of course, there was a time killing play ground there. But after pottying everyone climbed for a few minutes while Robby waited on our supper (supper #1). The kids split hamburgers in the back while we pressed on to Jackson for supper #2. They have all been fairly good-I had to move Reagan away from Campbell because Reagan was super hyper and kept bothering Campbell. But Graham probably wasn’t a good choice for her seat. Though I did bring my spoon and I can easily reach to the back of the van with it and it seems to work nicely. Poor Campbell did get out of the way when she saw it coming earlier in the ride-no, it wasn’t coming to her but it works so nicely as an attitude adjustment for Grahammer.
We ate at Sal and Mookies in Jackson. The plan was just to have ice cream but since there was a table available and the place is known for its pizza as well as ice cream, it would almost be wrong to pass it by and not enjoy the pizza. So that is what we did-had a sausage pizza, 3 kiddie scoops for ice cream and Robby, Campbell and I shared an oreo sundae (though, I could have eaten it all by myself). The sundae was delicious and we might just have to stop back there on the way home.
Back in the car, we stopped again for gas before too long and passed out night time toys. Graham and Campbell were asleep before we could leave Jackson and after we turned off the movie, Reagan and Anderson were out. Before Campbell went to sleep, she busied herself playing hide and seek with Reagan’s blanket. She thought she was quite funny doing this. Now, everyone is sleeping peacefully and we have about 2.5 hours to go. We’ll get into the hotel a little later than planned but that pizza and ice cream sure was worth it. Tomorrow we are going to take it easy and see a few sights along the way to Destin.
Any by the way, isn’t technology amazing-I am typing while driving (well, I’m not driving) in the middle of nowhere, near the middle of the night. 

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