August 1, 2011

Reagan's 1st Day
at Comm Central!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Today was Reagan’s second first day of school for the year.  This was her first day at Comm. Central.  She picked out her clothes yesterday and begged to try them on again at nap yesterday.  It didn’t take her long to get ready, pick out her bow and come downstairs for breakfast.
  • The boys were pretty excited about dropping Reagan off too because that meant that they were going to get to come home and play with playdough.  So they were quick about eating their breakfast and loading up into the car too. 
  • Pops helped me out by standing by the car while I took Reagan in.  Noah and Alyssa Kate were arriving at the same time and they all sat near each other.  They all had blank stares on their faces but didn’t seem to panicked. 
  • Back at home, we played with playdough until Campbell started throwing it and Graham threw a fit because he couldn’t take a nap (at 10:30-no way can you take a nap).  All of this commotion caused me to put Campbell down for her morning nap a bit early-and this just made Graham madder.  Soon as was made with well with a few books and some milk.
  • We then had lunch and the boys played ball with Robby for awhile when he came home for lunch.  Then it was time for naps.  Graham was exhausted and fell immediately asleep, Campbell wasn’t a bit tired and played/talked during nap and Anderson spent his time bringing me down stuff that I had printed off of the printer.
  • Pops checked on Reagan a few times during the day and saw that she was eating lunch and was fine.  She said they went to assembly, played outside for 10 minutes, had snack outside because today was such a nice day (100 zillion degrees out is considered nice?), read a story, drew a picture and practiced getting their handwriting books out.  She had a good day and was happy to see us when we picked her up.  What was left of her lunch and snack she finished it on the way home.
  • Noah invited us over to his house to celebrate the 1st day with some cake and ice cream.  After a few pictures the kids dug in.  Anderson was almost finished, when Graham finally shouted “I don’t have a fork”-the poor baby had been sitting there waiting on a fork the entire time.
  • Back at home, I made supper while the kids loudly played.  Reagan was very wound up on this school afternoon and this caused everyone to get louder and louder (and thanks Aunt Dana for that noisy guitar-just remember that Cash’s birthday is coming up)
  • Next up was red beans and rice for supper and then baths.  We took a few pictures and then finished off the cookies that the boys and Campbell helped me make to deliver to Beebee and Papaw in the morning.  Then it was blessed bedtime!

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