August 14, 2011

Nothing beats playing
with toys at home!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone slept well last night and by the time we stirred it was time to get moving and head to church.  Everyone had new Sunday School classes.  Graham thought that he was going into Anderson’s class and couldn’t understand why Anderson wasn’t going to be in there.  Anderson did try to bust into his old class-I know he will certainly miss his old teachers.
  • This was the first Sunday for Anderson and Reagan to both go to big church on Sunday morning and they did better than I expected.  Campbell on the other hand threw a royal fit in her class when Robby returned her from her wagon ride and took another set of kids.  She was mad, mad, mad-little stinker.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom’s house and we had roast since it’s Jenna’s favorite and she is headed off to college this week.  The kids played with toys and eventually they went out to swing for a few minutes.  Soon it was time to go and the little one’s had naps
  • Reagan and Anderson were up when I headed off to go shopping for a few minutes.  I passed then out gummies and left.  When I returned Graham was downstairs as well and not only had they had their gummies but they had also had a few pieces of bread-like the bread bag was laying on the floor in the den and there were bread pieces everywhere.
  • The Truth concert was at church.  Anderson fell asleep, Graham held his ears and Reagan eventually started coloring.  When it had been over an hour, Robby left to get Campbell and she set for a bit-singing along (loudly), clapping and dancing until we decided to take her and Graham out.  They ran around in the hall until the concert was over.
  • Next up was supper at Wendys and then home for milk and bed.  Anderson’s standard nighttime prayer usually includes “Thank you God for making the dinosaurs before you made the people.”  Never really thought about it that way but I’m pretty thankful God did make the dinosaurs before he made people too.

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