Beach Trip: August 9, 2011

The Dennie Crew at Destin!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Anderson got his bed wet at 3:30 this morning and after putting his clothes and sleeping bag in the laundry basket and retucking him in, I laid in bed wondering why he did that.  I know he was tired but he usually doesn’t wet his bed after one cup of milk…and then I remembered the snow cone the size of his head that he had earlier in the evening.  That probably did the trick.  He is so funny whenever this happens-he always says “Momma, my bed is wet but I didn’t peepee.”  He really has no clue that is what happened.
The washing machine here has been quite handy-between the 3 families we have kept it running 24/7.  Robby just said that he should have only brought one change of clothes because as soon as we take something off, I have it in the washing machine.  I wonder if our washing machine was on the same floor if I would do this much laundry at home. 
I think we are getting up a bit later everyone morning and then staying a shorter amount of time at the beach each day as well.  We took even less stuff to the beach today and that was fine since the sun was blaring.  There was a pleasant breeze that did make things very pleasant.  The flag hanging out today was a red flag and the waves were definitely pretty rough.  The kids were still able to play in the waves today and even though the waves were rougher, it seemed like the water was shallower and they had more room to play.
Today when Amber was taking a few pictures, she took one of Campbell and me but Graham stood up and came over to be in the picture with his big smile.  So she took another.  Then Amber walked to Reagan and Kennedy to take one but sure enough before she could snap a picture, Graham and Campbell had come over to sit and be in the picture.  My kids know what to do when they see a camera-they might even be camera hogs.
Our boogie board has been a big hit with all of them.  The big 3 love to ride the waves to the shore and Campbell loves to just sit on it in the shallow water with me and let the waves splash us.  Obviously, if I’m sitting on it, we don’t float anywhere.  And speaking of me, Amber mentioned that yesterday when she went to look back at pictures, she noticed that I had my bathing suit top on backwards.  All of the crew around here said that the didn’t notice but seriously, how could they not notice things poking out of the back of my bathing suit.  Gracious me, hopefully people just looked at me with pity-walking through the sand, hauling 100 pounds of stuff, dragging 4 kids behind me and 64 weeks pregnant.  Goodness, I will double check all of my clothing from now on.
Campbell was a little more restless at the beach today and was ready to go swimming at the pool.  Everyone was in fact.  Reagan and Anderson so don’t want to wear their floatees anymore but since they can’t swim they really need them.  Reagan is a little more timid in the water than Anderson but either way, I think swim lessons are in their future.  Maybe they can put it on their Christmas lists.
All of the kids love jumping off of the side of the pool.  Campbell will stand on the edge, bend her legs, raise her fingers to count and just stand there forever with a big grin on her face.  She is so funny when she does this.  But she usually doesn’t want in the pool, she just wants to sit on the edge. 
We stayed in the pool until the boys had to go to the bathroom and then headed to the room.  We are getting pretty quick at showering everyone off and getting their clothes changed again.  Here is how we do it: (I know you were wondering)  Robby showered and changed while the kids took off their suits, they all got in the shower while I laid out their next clothes, I still had on my suit so I climbed in the shower (yes, it is a very large shower) and washed everyone off and sent them out to Robby one by one.  By the time I was ready, Robby was making the kids grilled cheese and I came along to pour their drinks.  We’re a pretty good team.
After lunch, the kids played and watched a movie until Robby told Reagan and Anderson that we needed to rest so we could go to Seaside again tonight and they were back in our room in no time ready for their rest.  Rest is going much better today than yesterday-I think everyone has crashed.
After we woke up from rest (a 2 hour nap for all of us), we headed to Seaside to eat supper.  We walked on the beach and took a few pictures of the kids-I had packed them light blue outfits to wear for their photo op but that is not what they had on tonight and the opportunity for picture presented itself so we grabbed it anyway.  We laughed that we were the only ones not in white on the beach in the evening time.  I bet stores around here sell alot of white clothes for everyone’s family beach pictures. 
The BBQ truck was calling our name last night but tonight the taco bar seemed appealing and that is where we ate.  The kids devoured their cheese quesadillas and we enjoyed our tacos.  And since that snow cone stand was right across the street, we headed back over there.  They were selling bracelets and Reagan had eyed them last night and since she had her own money, she picked one out and bought it.  It says the name of the snow cone place and she said this way she will always remember the snow cones there.  Pretty good logic. 
As we were ordering our snow cones, we saw the dark clouds approaching but weren’t too worried about it.  Before we got our snow cones, a huge gust of wind came along and blew over umbrellas around us but we still found a table and sat to eat.  We didn’t really notice the rain drops until we looked at Campbell who wasn’t under the umbrella and saw that she was getting soaked.  So we hightailed it to the nearest overhang and by this time it was a down pour.  We found a great covered spot to sit and finish our snow cones and it still was a pretty perfect evening.
On the way home, Robby ran to the grocery store for some more grapes, bread and meat and soon we were the first ones back at the condo.  This was fine for the kids because we fired up the Wii and they played for over an hour before bed.  When everyone else came in, they started having to take turns but they still loved it.  Campbell didn’t want to be left out so she grabbed the remote control, stood on the coffee table and started turning and twisting it around like the others with their Wii remotes.
We didn’t get our crew into bed until after 11 but surprisingly they are still going strong.  Anderson is trying to say the books of the Bible and Graham is asking about spending the night with Nonna.  When I said he will get to soon, he said his new word for the week “excellent, excellent.” LOVE EM!

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