August 3, 2011

An afternoon art project!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The girls must be the sleepers around here because we were all still snoozing at 7:45 this morning.  It didn’t take too long for Reagan (my girl who sneaks around to get dressed every day so she can see our surprised looks) to head downstairs for breakfast
  • We all had cinnamon rolls while working on Reagan’s memory work from school and then started our school.  Last time we did school with Campbell things didn’t go to smoothly so this time we started with her buckled in her high chair.  She was not happy at all about this-she pointed her hardest at the empty chair sitting beside her trying to get me to unbuckle her
  • I finally unbuckled her and she played with magnets for awhile, looked at a few books, walked her baby in the stroller and then threw a fit until I let her use a marker.  That was fine until I had to scrub the marker off of the wall so when I took it away another fit was thrown.  But she soon calmed when I put her at the sink to wash her hands but after washing/playing for over 30 minutes, I thought it was time to conserve a bit of water which didn’t sit too well with her.  Needless to say, naptime was next for dear sweet Campbell!
  • Reagan relished in my attention but it always seems like the more attention that the kids get, the more that they crave.  We played a few games and just as we were about to start our last game, Anderson came back home.  He had spent the morning visiting Beebee and Papaw, riding his bike, playing ball and lots and lots of GI Joe playing. 
  • We had leftovers for lunch with Robby and then they watched a few movies while I tried to pack, picked out movies for the trip, read a few books, played trains and waited on Graham to come home. 
  • Graham finally arrived home and he had an excellent day.  Grannymom said he was a good little boy and he even went on a date with Lilly and Jenna-Chuck E Cheese, Jason’s Deli and to see a movie.  He came home with a finger rocket (who knows what it is supposed to do), a homemade bug and a slinky.  And within a few minutes after arriving he was sitting on the kitchen cabinet screaming his little head off.  He soon calmed with the promise of me reading a few books
  • Even though a few minutes before Robby came home, the majority of the people in the house were screaming everyone had calmed when he walked into the door-thanks to some books.  We decided to go and eat at David’s Burgers (A+ in the Dennie book) and then ran by Kroger on the way home for some ice cream
  • The kids came in while Robby touched up the yard.  They had ice cream popsicles and then we read a few more books before picking up the house and putting on pajamas.  One more book, Pocahontas, and then it was bed for all the Dennie kids

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