August 23, 2011

Some days are rougher
than others!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School day for the boys and I can not believe how well Graham continues to go into his class.  He did hug me 2 times today and I started to get a bit worried (Anderson did the same thing but then he turned around and could have cared less that I was leaving).  Ms. Wendolyn mentioned him coming to look at the fish and he then turned and walked right in.
  • The girls spent the morning at Nonna’s house-they played outside, took a bath, made pudding (which Campbell helped herself to when Nonna wasn’t looking) and washed dishes in the sink (this turned into an all out soak fest with both of them sitting on the cabinets with their feet in the sink)
  • The girls were still washing feet when I made it back with the boys so they had their turn in the sink and then it was lunch time.  The kids were fairly hungry and then they all devoured what was left of the pudding after they had finished.
  • Back at home, we started school a bit late and then we were rushed when it was time to go and meet everyone to look at a house.  We kept the kids in the car while we looked-yes, a movie and bribes of candy and juice boxes helped out.  Finally, they were screaming for us and started to get restless so they were allowed to come in (for a bit)
  • We stopped by Wendys for supper on the way home and then we made it there just in time for the kids to sit down and watch the garage door repair man.  I barely made it outside with their food before he was finished (seriously, the guy was here for 20 minutes and Robby said it would have taken them all day long). 
  • Campbell quite enjoyed being outside and when we all came in she figured out how to open the door and let herself outside a few times.  The garage was up because Robby was working on the tractor/burning his eyebrows off (well, almost).  When I repeatedly retrieved her from the garage she had a meltdown.  I wasn’t able to calm her down so she was sent to bed (tonight’s pictures are from her meltdown)
  • Everyone else played for a bit and watched a movie until it was time for bed.  Robby and I cleaned like we have never cleaned before (ha, though that isn’t saying a whole lot though).  Looks like we are making an offer on a house tomorrow and putting ours on the market (baby countdown is 33 days…yep, life is getting a bit crazy around here)

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