August 17, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was pajama day around here.  Graham who usually is the first one to put on his clothes spent the night at Nonna’s house so he wasn’t around to start the putting on the clothes trend.  He had a great time with Pops and Nonna-saw Beebee and Papaw, ate broccoli (don’t really believe this; UPDATE:  it was actually brussel sprouts), played ball, slept in Pops’ room and had ice cream for breakfast.
  • We started some of our school work at the breakfast table this morning and then played until Graham came home from Nonna’s house.  Soon we started school and it was quite eventful with Campbell awake-she just wants to touch everything.  Next plan is for our morning board to be done at the kitchen table (with her buckled securely in her seat).
  • Before Graham made it home, Reagan saw that it was raining and before I knew what was happening, she was dressed in rain boots and holding an umbrella asking to go outside.  Campbell was next to come to me-wearing Anderson’s socks, one of her shoes and one of Reagan’s shoes (yes, she can put on shoes and socks by herself-it’s not pretty but she can do it.  Why can’t my boys do this though?)
  • Campbell had a morning nap while we finished up school.  Graham does fairly well during the school mornings but after he is done (he decides that-not me) then it is all downhill.  Everyone thinks they need my attention all of the time (man, it’s like they are children or something? ha!)
  • Next up was lunch and then a bit of play time before naps.  Blessed nap time-I actually had a nap today but for me to do that I had to hide my to do list from myself.  Before I managed to get up, Reagan and Anderson were sitting beside me on the couch watching a movie and having a snack.  Reagan chose gum for her snack-she had never had gum.  So the questions that were asked were “do I just suck on it?” “can I chew it?” “what happens if I swallow it?” “is it okay if I eat this?”  Quite entertaining.
  • I saw the mail come earlier in the day but I didn’t think that I should go to the mailbox in my pajamas and since I couldn’t send the kids, I thought about putting on clothes and since we needed milk and that meant a Sam’s run for supper, we all had to get on our clothes.
  • We walked around Sams-Reagan picked out cupcakes to bring to her school for her birthday, we bought some snacks for the boys to take to school when it is their snack day (Graham doesn’t understand that tomorrow isn’t his snack day-he also wanted me to go to school and get his scissors out of his school box so he could cut something out today as well)  Also Graham had to pick out his cupcakes for his birthday (yes, 11 and 1/2 months away) and he also couldn’t understand why we didn’t buy his cupcakes and take them home tonight-so he walked away with the second best thing-an order form.
  • Back at home, we had our milk, brushed our teeth, said our prayers and most everyone was out pretty quickly.

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