A Big Move?

Possible new house?!?!!?
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Last Saturday (today is Friday), Robby and I were sitting on the couch during the kids nap times playing on our computers.  I was looking through the real estate site that I frequent.  I do this often (often while watching home improvement shows) and always have only a few criteria-our price range, at least a half acre and at least 4 bedrooms.  This time I must have put in a slightly lower price range and one other house popped up.
I thought it looked interesting and just handed my computer to Robby.  He looked at it and quickly decided that we should drive by it since it was slightly on the way to where we were going that night.  If we had not been getting out or going somewhere else we probably would have forgotten about it.   But we ended up driving out there and since it was empty, we looked in the windows and walked around.  It looked pretty interesting and we even let the kids out.  Immediately, Anderson started running around having a great time-I made him get back in the car.  I didn’t want to see him having lots of fun there since I knew we weren’t in the house hunting market. 
The house (and price) were intriguing enough that Robby wrote Scott that night asked if he could show it to us the next day (Sunday).  He met us there and we started looking around.  The house was listed as having only 1 bathroom so we knew that might be a problem but imagine our surprise when we discovered a second bathroom upstairs.  They had it listed wrong…shhh. 
That evening we came home and started running numbers.  We would definitely have to add a master bath and a garage and would love to add a bonus room.  The numbers worked and by Monday morning we started talking about making an offer and Robby worked on getting pre-approved.  We also found out on Monday that half of the lot was being sold separately so that added a kink to our plans. 
On Tuesday night, Scott met us out there again and we showed our folks around and the kids even got a few looks around.  On the way out of the street, Anderson saw one house with a trampoline and he wondered aloud if maybe there house was for sale instead. 
Wednesday we made an offer on the house and the other lot and while I was talking to Reagan about us thinking about moving, she said that it would be expensive and I could have some of her money to buy the house.  I took her up on it-ha!  They countered on Thursday and we countered again later that day.
Today we found out that they accepted our counter with one condition.  Originally, we had the contingency that we would sell our house in 60 days before we closed but they countered for us to close now on the new house and they would be willing to buy our house at a discount in 90 days if it doesn’t sell.  The discount is still at an acceptable price to us and worth alot of to have less stress for Robby so we accepted.  And now it looks like within the month we could have a new baby and a new house. 
Robby paused the kids movie in the car tonight to tell them that it looks like we would be moving and they responded with “could you unpause the movie?”  We are pretty excited (and at least one of us pretty overwhelmed).  Obviously, nothing has been signed so anything could fall apart but we are having lots of fun planning and dreaming.
So here are a few details-It is about 5 miles down Lawson.  Yes, it is in the country and there are a few houses/trailers that you have to pass.  It has 2 acres mostly on the sides of the house but they are flat.  The house is 2 story built in 1972 but just completely redone.  Obviously, there is still a list of things to do including adding a master bathroom, garage and bonus room.  Work will begin on those as soon as our house sells.  We might even change the current the driveway  to come from the other street and in front of the house for a long driveway up the property . 
There is a large living area, master bedroom and one other one down (which will be school room/baby room/treadmill room) and 2 bedrooms upstairs that will be the kids rooms.  The windows are huge as well as all of the closets-they are all walk in (who would have expected that in an old house).  It is 2800 square feet as compared to our 1500 square feet house.  The kids won’t know what to do with all of that space-we have already talked about letting them all sleep in one room for awhile until they get used to things (and yes, the kids rooms will be big enough to do that in). 
All that to say-if you have a good back or even a truck you probably should not take any of our calls or emails in the next few weeks.  Now the excitement remaining will be to see what will happen first…a big move or a baby!  

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Amber said...

That is such exciting news! Glad things are working out....all the room will be so nice!