August 20, 2011

Fish Fry!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • What a wonderful Saturday morning-most of us never even changed out of our pajamas.  The kids woke up and played around while I finished a few things and then we had a nutritional breakfast (peanut butter pie)
  • Campbell and Graham had already seen us eating our pie and even eaten a few bites of it.  So I thought that everyone should have their fair share of pie as well.  No one had any complaints about this-Reagan finished her tiny pie piece and then asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as well.
  • The highlight was Robby working at the garage door and everyone wanted to go out and supervise him.  Then they wanted to help him mow….but his “tractor” (riding lawnmower) wasn’t working as well.  This was pretty devastating to Graham who really wanted to help Robby mow (he did get to walk behind the push mower for a bit and came back in the house grinning from ear to eat).  Yes, everything is falling apart around here like (including me and my back) the den air conditioner (has this given Robby the house hunting bug?  maybe so.)
  • Jason came over to borrow our scanner and stayed to play for a bit.  Robby was still working on the yard so the kids entertained Jason while Robby finished.  Then the mower ran out of gas so Robby picked up some burgers (and gas of course).  We all ate and then Jason finally got his picture scanned.  While he was here, I was able to clean out most of my closet (it had become a royal mess and I was working on room for a few baby things inside as well).
  • Next up, Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  Campbell grabbed Grannymom’s hand, told me bye bye and decided that she was going to head out the door-and she even got to.  She spent the afternoon with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Had a bath, took a nap-she was happy to see us tonight but I don’t really think that she missed us at all.
  • The kids had an afternoon rest and afterwards, Robby let Reagan and Anderson help him make smoothies.  We woke Graham up so he wouldn’t miss out on anything and soon it was time for everyone to get ready for this evening.
  • We had fish fry at Robby’s brother’s house and then kids enjoyed running in the yard and then playing in the house while we ate.  Lilly, Cash and 2 of their friends were there as well so it was a big time.  When we finally made it home, everyone was pretty tired and they all put on their pjs by themselves (except for Campbell-though she did say “peepee” and got to sit on the potty for a bit-think I could get her potty trained in a few weeks?)

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