August 31,2011

Green boxes galore!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • By 9 last night, Robby and I were dozing off on the couch and went to bed-at least 3 hours earlier than usual and it was a good thing because it was another eventful day at the Dennie house. 
  • We straightened and then headed downstairs for breakfast and the start of school.  I cleaned a bit while the kids played and then we finished school-this all was much more eventful that I make it sound.  Campbell was getting fussy since I wouldn’t let her have markers so I gave her a bowl and spoon to play with.  I guess she thought it should be full to so went to the pantry and helped herself.  By now I was in the den helping Reagan and heard something that didn’t sound quite right but really, since we were working and it was fairly quite I carried on.  Soon, Anderson came through the kitchen and said “Mom, you gotta see this.”…
  • Well, Campbell had opened a box of cereal and spilled it on the floor (yes, the floor we have mopped daily) and was chowing down for a mid morning snack.  I just turned around and left her alone and since she was being quiet (this should be an indication of how difficult things can sometimes be around here).  Eventually, when Campbell started passing out bites to everyone I did have to clean up.
  • The next event was the box man coming to deliver some of the crates we will use to move.  We decided borrowing the boxes made a bit more sense for us than hunting them down.  The kid were quite impressed with them and enjoyed hiding in them for awhile.  I had a few more minutes before lunch and busied myself packing them with our picture albums (yes, I have more urgent things to do but that sounded like more fun)….big mistake.  Imagine 7 heavy (very, very heavy) boxes stacked up in the house…
  • Lunch and then a bit of play time before I put everyone but Reagan down for a nap.  I decided that this would be a good time to start on Reagan’s closet.  I knew I didn’t have a long time so I just started chunking things out of her closet-seriously, I had trashed her room with no going back.  And then it happens-Robby calling to say we had a showing at 3 and 7.  Yes, it was only 1:45 but I had one trashed room, 4 kids and me in pajamas and remember those boxes (no way I could move them). 
  • Robby said he would come home to move my boxes for me so I put the kids in high gear.  Reagan shoved what she could back in her closet and the boys filled up 2 boxes of stuff (yes, including Reagan’s underwear and Campbell’s pajamas so the closet will have to be finished very, very soon or Reagan will not have any underwear). 
  • I put the kids to work dusting while I worked.  I then closed all the doors and made them change into their clothes in the hallway (nothing to mess up there) and ushered them on to the car while I finished (so thankful that the car has a movie and that they just sat there as content as could be while I finished and Robby moved boxes-they must have been heavy because he was sweating buckets by the time he was done).
  • We went to Sonic for Happy Hour because I needed to reward my child laborers and then on to Nonna’s house to play and eat a bite of supper until time to go to church to sign up for Sparks and Cubbies.  Reagan was so pumped about being a Spark and said “I feel like I am 7 years old.”  Nonna came along and we were registered before 6:10 (pays to get places early).
  • Everyone played on the Cubbie jumpies and then I sent Reagan and Nonna to play on the big kid jumpies.  Anderson wanted to go with Reagan and then told me that the Cubbie jumpies were boring-poor guy but he sure seemed to enjoy them.  Campbell kept up with the big kids too and we all came back to Grannymom’s house dripping wet with sweat. 
  • The kids had some water and then took a bath.  Robby met us there and helped Grannymom and I finish up baths.  Afterwards, they had a bit of a snack and we headed back home.  I had intentions of working on the girls’ closet but have decided to be a slacker and finish some other jobs around here.

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