Beach Trip: August 10, 2011

A bunch of kids at the beach!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Campbell was the first one to wake up this morning around 6 but she quickly went back to sleep in bed with me.  Anderson was the next one up-but I’m not sure when because he climbed into bed with us sometime between 7 and 8.  Soon Graham was making me move so he could lay by Campbell too.  Reagan is always the last one to wake up but she is the first one ready to go and eat-such a social butterfly. 
We ate breakfast and then played around until time to head to the beach.  It was partly cloudy today so the clouds were kind of a break from the sun.  Graham did not want to go to the beach today and only wanted to go to the pool.  We finally convinced him that we would go to the pool after the beach.  As we were walking to our spot, Reagan and Anderson saw some kids working on a big hole so that was our first order of business once we put our stuff down.  We made a hole and then the girls decided that they wanted to put their feet in it once it filled with water.  Anderson, Graham and Robby worked on making a fort and then making a moat around it so the water wouldn’t get it.  It held for awhile but then it eventually succumbed to the water-Campbell might have helped weaken the walls a bit. 
The waves were better today and the kids could have played more in the water but they were too busy digging.  We did briefly lose sight of Graham one time but finally saw him trying to convince Todd to blow up their large beach ball.  When it was ready, it was time for us to head to the pool.  We played in the pool for a long while and even stayed during a short rain shower.  Kind of comical that the sprinkles cleared the pool-everyone in the pool was already wet.  Reagan and Anderson have decided that they are too big for floatees.  At least Anderson will wear his a bit but Reagan will not wear hers at all.  Tomorrow we are going to the other (deeper) pool so everyone will have to wear their floatees. 
By the time we made it back to the room, most of the kids were fussy and tired.  Shower time was pretty painful for all of us but after sitting on the back balcony for awhile, they had calmed down.  And after eating and eating and eating lunch, they were as calm as they could be.  Campbell and Graham played with their game phones (ipods) on the  couch while Reagan, Anderson and all of the rest of the big kids watched a movie. 
After a good long rest by all of us but Robby, well he did snooze for a few minutes but then did some work.  I guess the beach is the only place that it is okay for grown ups to take naps everyday and that in itself makes this a pretty good trip.  Campbell was the first to wake up and even though Robby was out of the room, I couldn’t go and get her because Anderson had made my belly into his pillow sometime during nap.  Soon we were all stirring and it was almost time for supper.
While we were waiting on supper, I asked Graham what he wanted to name our new baby and he was quick with his answer.  And answer I really wasn’t expecting and don’t think that we go with but he suggested “Jesus” as the new baby’s name.
April made poppyseed chicken and green beans tonight.  The kids were more interested in finding out what we were going to do tonight than eating supper.  It had already rained fairly well during the early evening and we thought the rain had cleared so we decided to head out to play putt putt.  The others were putting on their white uniforms and heading to the beach for pictures.
We made it to the putt putt place, paid for the kids to play and headed to the course.  Oh, sure we noticed the dark rain clouds and even a few flashes of lightening but figured that it wouldn’t come this way.  Ha, we were wrong, we didn’t even make it to the course when people started flooding toward us.  I naively thought that they had all finished at the same time-like a big group.  But then I heard someone shouting “course closed” and before we could turn around, they had turned the lights off on us.  We put up our clubs and headed back inside to get out game plan.
But as soon as we walked into the door, it started pouring.  And continued to pour for at least 20 minutes.  It was raining too hard for Robby to try and get the car so the kids sat on a few of the games and pretended to play.  Inside it was like a Chuck E Cheese with twice as many people, twice as much bling and lights, twice the noise and half the space.  Needless to say, after a bit, Campbell and Graham were pretty over stimulated and starting to melt down so Robby took a run for it to get the car. 
We were under an overhang waiting on him and the kids were sitting in a few coin operated rides.  One little boy and Reagan were on the kiddie carousel when the mom put a coin in-well, Anderson and Graham saw that and they quickly hopped on.  And that is about the time that Robby drove up to pick us up.  I got everyone off and Anderson, or Mr. Clueless, climbed into another car without an idea that we were all trying to get into the car.  By the time I had him, Graham was walking around the car in the rain looking for a door to get into-he finally saw Robby’s open door and climbed up there.  Campbell started crying because she hates getting in the car but she hates even more being in her stroller so when Robby just put her stroller with her in it in the car, she was beside herself! 
Robby backed up while I buckled everyone up and get us all settled for the ride back to the condo.  We had already discussed with everyone before we got in the car that we would have our donuts tomorrow and then play our putt putt game.  Now Robby told them that we would go back to the condo for a special treat of cookies, ice cream and wii.  This was all they needed to be perfectly content and soon they were talking about what game they wanted to play and who was going to put on their pajamas first.
Everyone else was already back and in their pjs so the kids changed their clothes while Robby worked on the cookies.  Before long, they all had cookies and milk and were settled in for a few rounds of wii before bed.  Despite the rain, it was another pretty perfect day.

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