August 28, 2011

It's been a long day!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and we seem to be getting ready earlier and earlier these days.  We had time to grab breakfast on the way and then we even had time for the kids to play a bit before going to class.
  • Big church was less eventful this week since we separated Reagan and Anderson.  They were very, very good.  Next up was Sunday school for them and worship care for us.  We were in another class but snuck Graham out to come and stay with us.  He had a pretty good time but all he could think about was getting to his “cousin’s house to eat lunch”-that is what Robby overheard him telling his friends.
  • We had lunch at Dana’s house and while we were there I told Anderson not to touch the doors.  He said “don’t touch the whores?”  And I had to reply “yes, please don’t touch the whores” to that but then had to explain to him that I said “doors” and not “whores.” 
  • The kids played outside and jumped on the trampoline.  Soon we decided to drive out a show Dana the new house.  We walked around and peered in the windows.  The neighbors probably think “wow, alot of people are looking at this house”-and it’s just us
  • Reagan and Graham spent the afternoon playing with Lilly at her house and Cash played with Anderson here.  We actually got the better end of the deal-Dana gained two kids and we only gained one and had one take a nap.  I ran some errands and by the time we made it home, everyone was back watching a movie and drinking their milk.
  • We had supper and then baths for all.  Seriously, I told Robby that the kids have never had this many baths-probably won’t compare to as many as they will have if we let them play outside on 2 whole acres.
  • Since Campbell slept the longest today, we let her stay up with us while the others went to bed.  They had missed their rest times but Campbell slept till 6-we usually wake her up from her naps but we got sidetracked and let her sleep too long.  She helped me sweep, pack Reagan’s lunch (including having a snack) and moved pillows around the living room.

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