August 2, 2011

Celebrating Jenna's 18th Birthday!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • This morning was a work day for me so the kids were ready to get in the car for Nonna’s house.  Anderson and Graham are such opposites-Anderson could stay in his pajamas all day long (and probably did) while Graham was ready to change into clothes as soon as he went potty this morning.
  • Getting everyone in the car this morning was fairly easy-I usually have to struggle to get Campbell into her very back car seat since she prefers to sit in the drivers seat and I have to move her while she is throwing a huge fit…each and every time we get into the car.  But today she found my breakfast in the front seat and was completely happy to get in her seat for a few bites of my breakfast.  This did leave me without a breakfast but I did grab something from Nonna’s house
  • The kids all took cookies over to Beebee and Papaw today and later in the day, Reagan decided that they needed to make cookies for Pops since he had been working hard.  So all 4 of them worked on that together.  When I came to pick everyone up, they were outside-the boys were riding bikes and the girls were coloring. 
  • This was the night that Anderson got to spend at Nonna and Pops’ house and you should have seen that boy’s face light up when I told him that it was tonight.  He was so excited.  He spent the afternoon hanging out with Nonna, mowing with Pops and being the perfect gentleman (said Pops). 
  • Back at the homestead, Graham and Campbell had afternoon naps while Reagan worked on school.  We were able to knock school out fairly quickly today without all of our assistants.  But when Graham woke up he was very excited to catch up on everything he had missed and sat silently during our history reading.
  • Soon Campbell was up and Robby was home and it was time for supper.  After supper, Graham anxiously paced waiting to go to Grannymom’s house for Jenna’s birthday.  Reagan made a card for Lilly “with kid stuff on it” (a flower and rainbow) and a card for Jenna “with grown up stuff on it” (flags and a flower with roots-because that might be interesting”)
  • We celebrated Jenna’s birthday with strawberry pie and presents.  All of the kids played and it was after the pie that Cash realized Anderson wasn’t there.  On our way out the door, Graham asked to spend the night at Grannymom’s house so Robby ran his foxy back over.  Reagan wasn’t pleased about all of this but after some chocolate milk, a few movies and then getting to sleep in the floor of the boys room she was one happy girl.

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