August 22, 2011

Which one looks mischevious?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning for Reagan and Anderson; there is just enough 'extra' time between when we drop Anderson off and when Reagan's school starts. So we made two loops around the preschool circle and then Reagan wanted to go one more time
  • Campbell and Graham came back home with Mom for a little play time and countdown to when Anderson would be home
  • Robby picked up Anderson from school - he said he another good time, they sang a song and went outside. I'm sure they did other educational things too
  • Lunch for everyone and then time for legos - Anderson wanted to do that as soon as he walked in the house but managed to make it until after lunch
  • After Robby went back to work, we played a bit more and then it was 'rest' time - at least for Graham & Campbell and soon it was time to pick up Reagan
  • Kennedy S. came home with Reagan after school but a stop at Sonic for Happy Hour was in order first
  • The girls played and played and even let the boys play with them some - at least for a round of DVD Candyland
  • A snack and then Robby was home and it was time to gather up our stuff. Tara was off to Bunko and Robby loaded up everyone to meet Kennedy's mom to drop off her.
  • Robby picked up supper to bring home - hoping to have time to ride the tractor before it got dark. But instead it started raining as we got home so the tractor ride was postponed again. So a movie was in order before a quick drink of milk and then prayers.

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