Beach Trip: August 8, 2011

Nothing beats shaved ice from Frosty
Bites in Seaside, Florida!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Everyone again slept well though Anderson did need me to fix his cover at 3ish, Campbell must have had a bad dream and fussed within a few minutes and then Graham needed help with his covers.  Then as I was about to go back to sleep, Anderson bumped his head on the bed at least 5 times so I made him climb in my bed.  But we were soon all sleeping soundly and awoke around 8ish.
We had breakfast today and the kids are so hungry it is almost funny.  Pop tarts, waffles, sausage biscuits-anything they could get their hands on.  Robby did a little bit of work (though Graham was concerned that he was going to go to work and not stay here) but when he was done it was time for us to head to the beach.
We lightened our load a bit today and left 2 kids back at the condo (kidding).  But we did leave most of our towels at the condo and we probably should have left our tent there as well because it kept flying away due to the wind.  Anyway, the sun was out today, the June Grass was mostly gone and the waves were pretty high.  Right where we put up our beach tents up there was a huge mound of sand and the kids had a blast sliding down it, all working together to get it all wet (imagine 6 kids running back and forth to the water to fill their buckets and then dumping them on the mound of sand-they will sleep well tonight). 
The waves were pretty rough and it was quiet the challenge keeping our eyes on the kids.  Campbell and Graham have no fear and will just walk right into the water.  If we could keep Campbell distracted with filling her bucket then she was happy to sit and not get in the water.  Graham on the other hand would see someone out in the water and would decide to walk to them. 
The most entertaining part for Campbell and Graham was when they were sitting on the boogie board with me in the shallow waves and watching Robby jump over the waves a few yards in front of us.  They would just laugh and squeal watching him.  Anderson and Reagan both enjoyed floating on the boogie board some today. 
Even though it wasn’t a sunny as it could have been today, it was still sunny so we headed to the pool to cool off.  At the pool, I feel like most everyone’s shoulders and rest of their bodies are under the water so there is less to get burned.  And the sunscreen is fairly well applied and their hats help some to keep their heads and faces from the sun.  After a bit of swimming in the pool, Campbell had had enough (and a poopy diaper) so it was time to head back to the condo. 
Everyone showered off and headed out for lunch.  Robby has become quite the grilled cheese maker and the kids devoured everything he made.
They ate and then played out on the porch and then moved the party into Kennedy and Camryn’s bunk room to watch a movie after a few rounds of hide and go seek.  Campbell spent her time rearranging books, moving pillows, finding dirty clothes to bring to me and climbing on top of the kitchen cabinets.  She was soon sent to bed after we did look over and see her on top of the bar helping herself to a package of crackers. 
We made the mistake of turning on a movie and even letting Graham have a game phone (ipod) so no one wanted to sleep.  Graham, who has to have a nap, finally fell asleep when I let the other 3 out of the room to go and play.  They had a snack and then Reagan found her princess to play with.  I told her to play with them at a table and when I saw her next, she was under the coffee table playing.  I told her that I meant for her to play on a table and not under and she said “ohhh”-do you think she really thought I wanted her to play under the table?
Amber had made everyone supper of pasta, shrimp and chicken and it was very good and very spicy.  Anderson took one look at it and said that he didn’t want any and wanted a grilled cheese.  Of course, he only got pasta and was told to eat that or miss out on our special dessert tonight.  I peeked out at him (all of the kids were eating on the back balcony) and sure enough he was chowing down on it-who would want to miss dessert?  After supper and then cleaning up, we all headed out to Seaside which is just a few miles down the road.
We arrived in time to sit on the green space and watch the end of a play.  The kids could have set there forever.  Next up was snow cones from a food truck but the smell of BBQ from the food truck next door was oh so wonderful (yep, we’ll be eating there another night on this trip-or maybe the grilled cheese place next to it or the hot dog stand that was next).  Anderson wanted rainbow, Graham had orange and Reagan had grape.  I put everything in their cups so it would be more manageable and this made it easier for Robby and Campbell to have their share.  The cup idea was more manageable for Reagan and Anderson but Graham ended up with snow cone all over his shirt-not real sure how that happened at all.  This is why on our last picture of today you see the boys riding home with their shirts off.
After we finished our treat, we walked around the little loop (oh, and the boys still had their shirts on)-most of the shops were still opened and things were pretty crowded so it was fairly lively.  The evening was so pleasant that Reagan said “this is my favorite place without rides” and then she continued with “my order of favorites is Disney World, Disney Land and this place.”  That is pretty high rankings for Seaside since Reagan is such a well traveled little girl. 
Back in the car, we headed back to the condo and the kids were beyond ecstatic when Robby turned on the Wii for them to play a few games.  Everyone had a turn (even me) and then it was time to turn in for the evening.  It didn’t take too long for our room to calm down tonight-these Dennie kids are having a blast.  

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