August 15, 2011

First Day of School
for Anderson!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Today was Anderson’s first day at pre-k this morning.  He was very proud and didn’t seem to hesitate walking into class.  It probably helped that his class last year was right next door. 
  • After dropping him off, the rest of us walked to see Pops for a few minutes before dropping Reagan off.  When we finally made it to Reagan’s class she was a bit skittish.  She put up her backpack, blanket and lunch box and was relieved to see that Kennedy and a new friend was sitting nearby.
  • On the way home, Graham told me that he wanted to “make something.”  I had to ask a zillion questions trying to figure out if he wanted to make a craft, food, what did he want to make.  He finally decided that he wanted to make peanut butter cookies so after coming home and cleaning the bathrooms we did make our cookies.  He was very proud and wanted to make sure that we saved some for Reagan and Anderson. 
  • Soon it was time to pick Anderson back up from church.  He had had a great day-cut some squares, punched some holes, sang a “pick up song” that helped him pick up, read a book, had a snack and played on the playground.  I thought that was a lot of information to gather from a a boy.
  • Next up was meeting with Graham’s new teacher, Ms. Wendolyn.  Anderson was very excited to show Graham around his new room.  They were two peas in a pod while I talked to Ms. Wendolyn-Campbell stared blankly at us because she was missing her morning nap.  Graham seems pretty excited about school tomorrow so hopefully he won’t have a fit. 
  • Back at home for another 2 hour stretch and this time we had our lunch and read a few stories.  Campbell had fallen asleep on the way home and slept in the floor for a few minutes and then finished her nap after Robby left to go back to work.  The boys watched a few movies and played while I worked on a few projects.
  • And soon it was again time to head back to church to pick Reagan up (usually, Robby will pick up Anderson so I will only have to go that way 2 times on Mondays instead of 3).  Pops hopped in the car with us and rode along for pick up and we were the 5th car in line but the second to leave. 
  • Here is the information that Reagan gave us from her 2nd day of school (we actually missed last week for the beach): she worked on letters B and P, asked to do art and make a cloud girl, had cupcakes for somebody’s birthday, played outside for about 10 minutes, didn’t eat all of her graham crackers, went to music and that was only a few of the things she mentioned. 
  • Home for some more playtime and then it was time to pick up the house.  I had let the kids do their own thing while I worked and things had gotten very out of hand.  It took lots of work since they had made a mess in every room of the house including the garage. 
  • By the time Robby came home, Graham was in trouble for not picking up and Campbell was also in trouble for biting me.  She was pretty shocked with my reaction and the swift swat she received. 
  • We had a quick supper and then headed over to Dana’s jump on the trampoline.  The kids had so much fun and especially Campbell-she would just laugh and laugh as she was bounced around uncontrollably. 
  • Back at home, it was time for baths and then bed.  Pretty good day.

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