August 30, 2011

Milk and a movie!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The two cups of milk and bottle of water before Anderson went to bed last night did get the best of him around 5:30 this morning requiring an early morning load of laundry.  He laid in bed with me until I heard him digging around in my nightstand with a flash light looking for a game phone.  I denied that request but let him have the flashlight.  After awhile Robby wanted his spot in bed back and sent Anderson downstairs to watch a movie until 7
  • But other than his early morning wakening, he slept well and said that his ear and throat didn’t hurt at all.  And since he was going strong, guzzling his milk and chowing down on his breakfast we decided that he was fine.  Though Ms. Stacy did hand me a note about someone in his class having mono so that did make me wonder.  But no, he is fine just the same crud/allergies that the rest of us around here have.
  • Campbell insisted on hugging Graham as he walked into Ms. Wendolyn’s class.  I was afraid that this would be a problem but he did great.  Graham did tell me today that someone hit him with a map and I asked if he did anything wrong.  And then he whispered that he hit that person back.  He whispered it because he knew that wouldn’t fly too well-he did get a firm lecture about Ms. Susie calling Mommy and Daddy if that ever happens.  But other than the normal highlight of playing with Anderson on the playground, his highlight of the day was looking at his school box with another friend.  Isn’t that sad-just looking at his school box?
  • Reagan and Campbell spent the morning at Nonna’s house waiting on the roofers to come-the same ones that didn’t show up yesterday.  Anyway, they made ice cream and Reagan was so excited to show the boys and let them have some.  Campbell even got to help-Nonna gave her a spoon and stuff to stir and Nonna barely caught Campbell was she was about to pour her concoction into Reagan’s bowl of real ice cream mix
  • Back at Nonna’s house the boys were disappointed that the roofers still weren’t there but we did got over to Papaws to try to fix his computer-with no luck but the kids did leave with candy-I guess that is pretty lucky. 
  • Once we made it home, I made everyone but Reagan take a nap and Reagan and I started work on school.  For some reason, I skipped the calendar and went straight to the important stuff and just as finished that, Robby called needing me to meet him at the bank to sign some papers.  Since everyone else was sleeping, I just left Reagan in charge-kidding, Grannymom came over with Lilly and Cash to play while we were gone.
  • As soon as we made it home, I woke up Anderson who was sleeping like a log in my room.  He had missed all of the fun but jumped quickly when I asked if he wanted to go downstairs and see Cash.  When Grannymom, Lilly and Cash left we picked up and then they watched a movie while I got supper ready.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to eat supper with us and the kids played until Reagan (who was probably jumping on the couch) fell and bumped her nose.  This led to a bloody nose which sent her into a slight panic but she held it together fairly well and stayed calm-kind of!
  • Soon it was bedtime and it sounds like everyone is going to sleep well…hopefully.  I know that I will (big day tomorrow-we get our boxes to start packing (most exciting), we will have school (always interesting to see how it will go) and finally I want to organize/winterize the girls’ closet (most difficult but most urgent!)

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