New Years Eve Trip To Dallas: January 1, 2012

Aunt Laryn!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

After our wild New Year's Eve party, the crew was all asleep by 10 (including Robby) and I rung in the New Year on the East coast and then decided to call it a night myself.  Around 3, Graham got in bed with me and Campbell cried so I laid with her for a bit.  But also around 3, the baby woke up and Robby fed her.  And we never heard each other-gotta love hotel living.
Before too long, it was time to get up.  Campbell had her morning shower-she demands to take one each morning with one of us.  Graham had a bath and Anderson wanted no part of a bath or shower.  Reagan was down the hall sleeping soundly in Grannymom and Grandpa's room-she is my sleeper.  
Breakfast wasn't too busy this morning and we pretty much had the same as yesterday.  After the kids filled their tummys, Robby loaded up the car and we were headed out of Dallas.  Actually, I don't even know if we ever stopped in Dallas-it was more like our New Year's Eve trip to Frisco but going to Dallas sounds like a lot more fun.  By the way we left town, you would never have known that we were in a big city.  It was a scenic drive back to I-30 and with just 1 bathroom stop and 1 lunch stop we were home in good time.  Actually, Grandpa's car had to make two additional bathroom stops thanks to Graham.  I think he was enjoying a diet coke a bit too much!
Reagan had been in Grannymom's car and when she came back she wanted to watch a movie that had just been on.  It was truthfully her turn to pick so we turned it on again.  Anderson wanted nothing to do with this and flipped his movie screen up.  I wondered how he was going to entertain himself but he found a way.  He spent his time trying to decide if he was going to be a fireman or a race car driver when he grew up.  This was a difficult decision for him and he even put his head in his hands one time while trying to decide.  I told him he could be both but he finally decided on a race car driver.  
Back at home, we unloaded the van and Grandpa swung by to unload his truck since I had filled it completely full.  Then we started unpacking everything.  The third load of laundry is in the washing machine and all bags are waiting by the attic to be stored.  We had a few minutes before leaving for dinner and Robby started putting a few of our purchases together-he really wanted to do our nightstand tonight but we since we have to call and make Disney reservations early, early in the morning we will do that later.
We met the Phillips, Atwoods and Wilsons for supper at Larry's Pizza.  Anderson mentioned that we have a friend with the same name.  He was thinking we were dining at Laryn's Pizza.  The kids sat at their own table and were very good (hmm, could it be there were trying to have Robby give them tokens?)  They had to wait forever on cheese pizza and then had to divide up the 3 pieces.  They could have and should have eaten more pizza but after waiting longer for another slice, the chocolate pizza came around and I let them have some of that.  After that, they were done and off playing games.  Robby would give them one token at a time and they were pretty consistent about coming back to us to give us their tickets and beg for more tokens.  
Reagan was quite the lucky girl and even walked away with 177 tickets that she didn't cash in.  She decided that she was going to save hers and try to get something bigger next time.  We have been to Larry's twice lately and now we will probably not go back for months but she is still trying to save hers.  The boys spent their tickets and we were able to get a tootsie roll, a bouncy ball and some laffy taffy.  Robby had won some tickets and given them to Campbell and she spent her time trying to shove them back into the machines.  It kept her busy and happy.  And what could be better than getting to turn in your tickets and eat a tootsie roll-a 10 dollar tootsie roll!
Keaton enjoyed being held by everyone and was pretty exhausted on the way home.  We did swing by Grannymom's house to grab a pinch of hog jaw and black eyed beans for wealth and good luck during the new year.  I hope it helps!  When we made it home, Campbell spilled her milk, Anderson refused to drink from a certain cup and pullled at attitude with Robby and received the first spanking (and very well deserved) of the New Year.  Campbell was not happy about putting on her pajamas, Reagan insisted on putting on Lucy's clothes (doll) first before her pajamas and Keaton did not want to be left alone and screamed until I came back downstairs from putting the big kids in bed.  So overall it was a fairly smooth evening!  All are sleeping soundly now.
The first pictures are of Reagan's note that she left out for me-"I love you Mom" and "thank you for letting us go on this trip."

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