July 31, 2012

Puzzle Man!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Campbell and Graham were the first ones up (as usual) this morning meaning Robby had to hurry around to leave for work
  • After pancakes & waffles for breakfast, we did half of our school for the day (Nonna was helping Papaw to a doctor's appointment.)
  • Before 10:00 it was time to head to Nonna's where Nonna had play-dough waiting for the kids, painting was a choice too but the boys out voted Reagan
  • A quick bite of lunch and then we headed back home to finish the last half of school
  • Campbell and Keaton had their afternoon naps while the others played pirates in the bathroom sink and Anderson worked a Spiderman puzzle
  • Corn dogs for supper before Robby got home because I was headed out as soon as he got home for a CommCentral school meeting and then off to Bunko
  • The kids played some more in the toy room, then Graham convinced Robby that I said they could have another round of graham crackers and icing for a snack.  
  • The big kids watched a few movies, including Graham's choice of The Cake Boss (so funny to watch the 3 big kids watching it.)  Campbell and Keaton helped Robby clean out the fridge and freezer (enjoying playing with frozen teething rings - Campbell maybe more than Keaton)
  • After teeth brushing and prayers, everyone headed to bed. All were out pretty quickly except for Campbell who was still going strong and asking "where my momma?"

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