February 1, 2014

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Making cake pops!

  • If you had 3 guesses of what we had for breakfast this morning, what would you guess?  Doughnuts-yep.  Robby had to do a little work so he took Keaton, Campbell and Anderson with him to pick up the doughnuts.  
  • Back at the house, I asked Reagan and Graham to watch Whitman while I took a shower.  They started off so excited about this and Graham even found me to ask if I could do something else after my shower so they could watch him longer.  I said certainly and took my sweet time.  When I did walk back into my bedroom where they all were, I saw Reagan and Graham sitting on my bed playing their kindles.  But they had still done their job of watching Whitman-they had thrown his toys all over the room and he was crawling from place to place exploring all of his toys.  
  • Sometime during the morning, Campbell looked up at me and said "glad we are not a homeless family."  I certainly agree with her but I really wonder what all goes through her little head.  
  • Also this morning Keaton said "I want to see Beebee later."  I thought for awhile what made her think of going and seeing Beebee.  Then I remembered and asked "do you want some candy from Beebee?"  "uh huh" Keaton answered.
  • This morning Robby and I cooked 5 pounds of meat, made spaghetti and chili, he played one game of checkers, Campbell and I started on her cake pops, Robby did some computer repair on my computer, started on our taxes and I pulled out clothes for tomorrow.  With all of that activity, it was still a pretty perfect and restful Saturday.  Graham said "I wish there could be two of these days in a row-a Saturday and then another Saturday."  This is a pretty wise little child.
  • After lunch, we all headed outside.  Robby and I worked on straightening the ever messy garage.  I think that a 5 car garage would not too big and even though we have an awesome coat rack out there, we have coats galore hanging from everywhere.  (I probably should get rid of a few coats)  
  • The boys played with their remote control cars around the yard.  Robby told the kids that he would give them 10 cents to run to the big tree so that is what they did.  Reagan ran there 5 times, Anderson, Campbell and Graham 3 times and Keaton twice.
  • We stayed outside until Campbell had herself a good meltdown and it started to rain.  The boys played some basketball with the neighbor boys as the girls took showers.  Then we cut the boys hair before their showers.  By this time it was too late for Keaton's nap so she joined the others watching their movies.
  • We watched the Hogs play and then had our supper.  Afterwards, Robby played 3 more games of checkers (he had told the big 4 that he would play checkers with them today) and Campbell and I and many others helped with her cake pops.  Tomorrow we will finish decorating them and eat them.  
  • And we ended our day with a viewing of Let's Make a Deal.  I so want one of the kids to have a Let's Make a Deal birthday party-that would be so fun.  We doped up Graham (who is coughing less today) and Campbell (who is pretty excema-ish right now).  I think my kiddos were pretty tired tonight-but we will soon see if it gets quiet upstairs.

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