February 15, 2014

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Rolling on the River!

  • The Dennie's love Saturdays and sleeping in today made it even better.  Then the cinnamon rolls for breakfast were just the icing on the cake.  And truly the day only got better from there.  We didn't move around too quickly this morning and it was after 8:30 that Keaton woke up and I am still not sure if that was because she woke up or Graham woke her up.
  • We had our breakfast and the kids had a bit of time to play.  During all of this play time, Robby spent his time airing up, tightening up and loading up the bikes for the birthday party this morning.  It was supposed to be at the bike track at Burns Park but it was too muddy for a party today so the party was moved to the playground.  
  • Ethan celebrated his 8th birthday with a minecraft party.  The kids loved the playground and had a great time playing and munching on goodies.  I would have had a lots better time if I would have dressed for the weather.  When Robby was working on the bikes, it didn't seem that cold but gracious it was cold out there during the party.  And silly me had forgotten the baby's coat.  He was snuggled up in the stroller with his hat and a borrowed jacket so I think that he stayed warm enough.  
  • Since we were supposed to ride bikes at the party, we thought that we might be able to ride them around the playground and that is why Robby brought them. It was really too crowded to do much riding so we never pulled the bikes out of the van.  That was fine with the kids because they stayed busying playing.  
  • After the party, we drove around to see the bike track and it was amazing.  My boys are already planning on having their parties there.  Seriously, I could see bringing a grown up bike to play on it.  The party would have been enough to satisfy the kids for the rest of the day but the next stop was Cash and Lilly's basketball games.
  • The kids sat with Dana, Grannymom and Grandpa during Cash's game and I think we cheered them on to victory (or at least a tie) and then we moved to watch Lilly play her game and I believe that her team won as well.  Now when you don't have any of your own children on the court, you can objectively listen and some of those parents are a bit too in to the game-they are just kids playing in a recreational league.
  • My boys (even Whitman) watched every bit of the ballgames and really enjoyed it.  I asked them in the van when we left if they would like to play ball some time.  They, of course, would so then I asked Reagan if she would like to play basketball.  "No way" was her response.
  • The next stop was down by the river for the kids to ride their bikes for a bit.  Since we had loaded them up and hauled them around all day, we might as well use them.  My poor Keaton was not happy at all that she didn't get too ride on her bike and had to ride in the stroller.  When we went home and she was playing in the van as we were unloading, she kept saying "There's my bike."  
  • Anyway, the ride down by the river was really nice.  The kids had never rode their bikes anywhere like that, and really had a big time.  We were a bit worried about Campbell making it on her bike but she did just fine and never complained.  We didn't make it all the way to the other bridge (it had already been a busy day) but we did get in enough bike riding for Anderson to tell Robby "Daddy, double thank you."
  • Back at home, it was time to shower and then supper.  I did make the kids do a few school boxes tonight since we are behind from Friday (and will probably get more behind on Monday with Robby off) but that didn't take long.  
  • Soon we were all up in the bonus room and the kids were playing a round of fooz ball.  I did put Whitman to bed early because he only slept in the car today for a few minutes at a time.  That poor guy was exhausted...I am too!  

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