February 12, 2014

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Visiting Beebee's new digs!

  • Everyone was awake early this morning and clothes were quickly put on because today was Bible study day...or maybe everyone was excited because today was pancake and waffle breakfast day.  But when we explained that there was only 1 waffle so it would not be eaten, I almost had a mutiny. No one was too happy with me even though they all love pancakes.  I put waffles on my grocery list and lately it seems like I put 3 things on that list everyday.  Reagan even knows how to get onto my phone to add things to the list.
  • We did have time to empty the trash cans and do a few other things around the house before leaving for Bible study.  My kids always love going into their classes and come home knowing so much and I sometimes wonder what is so wonderful that happens there.  Well, next week I will find out-our classes have to come up with a volunteer every so often and it was my classes turn.  I politely volunteered since I had not so I guess my day of finding out what happens in their classes is soon.
  • Reagan left Bible study with Kennedy because it was bring a friend to dance day.  Reagan had a blast at dance and told me that she was very good.  Jodee said that Reagan tried hard to watch the teacher and to look at herself in the mirror to make sure she was doing it correctly.  I know my Reagan and that thing was probably looking more at herself in the mirror than anything else!
  • At home, I fed everyone lunch and had them start on Beebee's Valentine's card.  I put Keaton down for a nap while the boys glued their birds for their oral reports and then they all colored their hearts for tomorrow's 100th day of school/Valentine's day party.  All too soon, it was time to pick up Reagan from her afternoon out.
  • On our way home, we stopped by Beebee's new place.  It was very, very nice and very, very quiet with only 12 folks living there right now.  We did see one lady from her old place so the kids felt like it was home.  We saw the game room and I played Graham at checkers, Anderson worked on a train track and the girls played with legos.  Then I went back to fetch our stroller and the others pushed Beebee to the front to say bye to us.  Campbell showed up where I was, then I saw Anderson sneaking around a corner waving at us and Graham left me to find Beebee-I guess the kids are already comfortable with running around her new place.
  • We then went home for about 20 minutes and I gave the kids a quick bite of supper before we loaded up again for church.  Tonight Reagan and Anderson's class had to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.  Reagan chose a waitress and Anderson a football player.
  • Back at home, the kids had something to drink and then it was bedtime-tomorrow is a big day around here...lots of parties (3) and lots of places to go.  

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