February 24, 2014

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Just reading in front of the heater!

  • Whitman was the first one up this morning and he wanted to cuddle with us-well, until his bottle was empty and then he wanted to crawl all over us.  Graham was downstairs soon and he was pretty excited to get to be the first to play with Whitman.  
  • The kids were playing upstairs really well today-so good that I let them play for a few extra minutes while I got a few things ready for school.  I probably let them play for too long but they were so happy upstairs.  Finally, I called them down for breakfast and to start on school.  They were able to take their breakfast when they started working since it was cereal and fruit today.  This was a win-win-they could work and eat saving time and Whitman would be able to find tasty snacks on the floor all day long.
  • I don't know if I have mentioned about where the kids do their school lately.  Reagan does most of her sitting in front of the heater in the living room.  Today though I did catch Keaton and Campbell when they took over Reagan's spot.  Graham works some at his desk but usually ends up near me in the kitchen.  I end up spending most of my time at the kitchen table when I am working with the kids.  And Anderson does everything at his desk.  He is the child that can not imagine doing school work any where but at his desk. 
  • We finished school in time for the kids to play some while I woke Whitman up and scrambled around to make lunch.  PBandJs, chips, fruit and water-the lunch of the Dennie kids lately.  I really would love to come up with different lunch items to make a lunch menu like our breakfast and snack menus but I sure can't keep of many things that are quick and easy for lunch.  The kids don't mind their sandwiches as long as I stay busy reading during lunch.  We are slowly getting through our Brighty (Grand Canyon burrow) book.  I figure it will only take us another year and a half!  Ugh!  Seriously, I do think that the end is in sight with that book.  
  • I had the kids help with the laundry after lunch.  That is always exciting-6 kids and me in my closet folding 2 baskets of laundry.  We survived and finished everything so they all could play a bit more before the little ones naps.  
  • Let me brag on Graham for a minute.  Without being asked, he opened the clean dishwasher and completely emptied the dishwasher.  And later in the day, he went and did a page of tomorrow's phonics.  Sounds incredibly strange doesn't it?  But no worries, our old Graham showed back up later in the day!
  • I did my do on the treadmill while the kids had their snack and watched their movies.  Then everyone woke up and they played legos for a long while. Then the second that Robby walked into the door, it all came crashing down upstairs and things went crazy!  People screaming, hitting, yelling-gracious me!  I am sure that Robby would have liked to turned right around and gone back to work...me too!
  • Things quickly calmed down and we all had a peaceful supper of leftovers-chicken spaghetti and cornbread-which is the favorite meal around here right now.  My Whitman ate more than Campbell-I just kept putting more on his tray thinking that he was dropping most of it but apparently not because there was nothing left in his high chair when I got him out.
  • The kids did their oral reports from earlier in the month for the video and then we watched a Price is Right.  The kids were pretty wound up this evening and Keaton's constant talking has spilled over to the bed.  She almost found herself back in the bonus room but finally went to sleep (at least I hope!)

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