February 8, 2014

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Wintry fun!

  • After the kids went to bed last night, I walked through the kitchen and an animal outside caught my eye.  It wasn't a deer and it wasn't a dog.  I whispered a few times for Robby but the thing heard me and started moving.  Robby finally heard me and came just to see the animal leaving.  My first thought was that it was a wolf but read they were endangered in Arkansas but it would really look like a wolf.  So maybe it was a fox but it was awfully tall to be a fox.  Then we thought it might be a coyote.  Whatever the animal was I don't hope to see it again.  What if it is lurking behind some tree watching Keaton play thinking about how tasty she would be?  
  • We all slept well and the kids were anxious to go outside but I wasn't much for snow play at 7 (or really anytime).  Whitman's runny nose seemed to be a bit better this morning.  We had honey buns for breakfast that Graham and I bought the other day at Sams and then we started our day.
  • Before too long, I was pulling out clothes for the kids to wear outside and we headed out to play.  By the time I put on my clothes, the kids were sweating while waiting on me.  Once outside, the first thing that Campbell did was make a snow angel-nothing like plopping down in the snow the first second that you are outside.  My Keaton wouldn't move her feet at all unless I was right near her.  And Anderson loved the snow and would have stayed outside all day-if we hadn't gone in.
  • We looked around for animal tracks in the yard (deer tracks were everywhere), the kids swang, we tried the sled and even tried to make a snowball.  Campbell eventually had had enough and said that she was going in.  Keaton so wanted to go but needed me to accompany her since she wasn't walking anywhere without me or without riding on the sled.  
  • Once inside, Robby had cookies and hot cocoa ready for us.  Then the kids played while I started on cinnamon rolls.  Before I could get very far on them, Keaton and Campbell joined me.  They helped me and even though my recipe was named 1 hour cinnamon rolls-with my two little helpers they turned into 2 hour cinnamon rolls.  I did realize that I need a larger mixer and I need to find my dough hook.  But they were still delicious and Robby and I snacked on them for the rest of the day.
  • The next item on the agenda was making snow ice cream.  The kids were really excited about this and then they sat in the living room eating their ice cream and watching the olympics.  I even saved some for Reagan and Graham in little containers-but I put them in the fridge not the freezer.  It was fine though because I had saved more in a large bowl and put it in the right place-the freezer.
  • Soon Nonna and Pops drove up with Graham.  He had spent the night with them and Reagan had spent the evening with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Graham was very anxious to come home-he is my homebody.  But he did enjoy playing in the snow, making snow ice cream and taking a few walks.  
  • My Reagan is having a blast on the other side of town sledding down hills and playing with Lilly and Cash.  Pops said Lawson was pretty slick so we just stayed in and will see Reagan tomorrow-hopefully!  (Though with the weather, it sounds like if we don't get her tomorrow she may be snowed in for day.)
  • We had ourselves an afternoon nap (well, just me and the little kids).  Then we all picked up the house-what a mess it was.  Robby made supper and then we all watched our game show before bed.  While we were watching Let's Make a Deal, Anderson turned to me and said "can I have this tv when you are old?"  I said sure and then asked why he didn't want the larger one upstairs and then he did ask for that one instead.  Graham quickly volunteered to take the living room tv when we were old.  Robby asked if Reagan was going to get one and her brothers politely agreed that she could have one of the little ones in the house.  I am glad that they have that all decided while we are still young.

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