February 9. 2014

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Reagan returns!

  • We had a bit of extra time this morning before church so when we left the house it was still a mess but at least the dishes and laundry were done.  Well, at least they were done for a few hours because soon the pile of laundry had returned and the sink full of dishes were back.  I guess that it just one of the joys of kids-and lots of them.  
  • Yesterday afternoon when Pops brought Graham home, he said that the roads were pretty slick out here.  But today we were surprised that they were mostly dry-it is amazing what a difference a day makes.  I was dreading a bit coming home this afternoon because I thought the snow would be all gone.  Our snow is still around probably because of the tree covering but it is pretty yucky looking.
  • At church, we were all happy to see Reagan but I don't really think that she missed us at all.  Last night I said that Graham was a homebody but my Reagan is anything but.  She had spent one night with Grannymom and one night with Lilly and Cash and she could have spend the rest of the week bouncing back and forth between houses and been completely happy.  But I do know that she is secretly happy to be home-how do I know?  She spent the evening playing with Campbell and Keaton.
  •  Lunch was at Grannymom's house and all the cousins were happy to be together.  We ate our lunch and then too soon had to leave to run a few errands.  I ran in the first store and then everyone ran in the second store.  When we finished those store, Robby dropped us off and then headed back out again with Campbell to run by a few more places.  
  • During the afternoon, I worked some in the house and tried to get things ready for school tomorrow.  The kids watched a few movies and before I knew it, it was time to get supper ready.  As soon as the kids sat down for supper, Robby and Campbell came home.  
  • After supper the girls played upstairs for awhile.  They played dress up-Reagan worked so hard to find Keaton a dress that was not itchy and she eventually succeeded in finding just a summer dress of Campbells.  They were so happy playing up there that they were missing the Olympic watching downstairs.
  • The boys want to watch anything Olympic related-even figure skating.  They were rewarded with snowboarding after the figure skating though.  The girls eventually joined us and we watched the Olympics until bedtime.

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