February 4, 2014

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Computer time...

  • Kids were still in bed with us this morning when I looked at my phone and saw a message saying that Campbell's school was closed. I hadn't really been keeping up with the weather and was shocked to see no school for her.  I quickly looked out of the window and just saw a bit of rain.  Robby was on his phone too seeing that they were told to only come in if necessary.  What an exciting way to start the day.  
  • Breakfast was uneventful-except for the small fire.  Not really a fire, just smoke-lots of it.  This is the second time in a row that I have made toast and also smoked up the entire house.  5 kids were sitting at the bar and I was standing with my back to the toaster passing out yogurt, when Graham walked in the room and shouted "Mom."  I turned to see smoke billowing out of the toaster.  I quickly pushed up the toast and ran to open the door.  I could hear Anderson say "look at all that smoke going up stairs."  I ran to open windows down and upstairs hoping to air out the house some.  Then the smoke alarm started going off so I would have to run back to jump on a chair to stop the alarm every few minutes.  
  • We finished breakfast and I finally shut the doors and windows despite the lingering smoke smell because the kids were saying they were cold-it was 20 something outside.  Then we started on our school work.  
  • School was going splendidly until the lights flickered once, twice and then no more lights.  The kids were beyond excited and ran around gathering flashlights.  I quickly found spots at windows for everyone to work out and that lasted for a while.  It didn't take long for me to notice that more kids than not had blankets wrapped around their bodies.  I guess it was chilly by the windows with no heat and the house and it probably didn't help any that the house was a bit chilly from all of the doors and windows I had opened earlier.
  • After looking to see when the estimated time for the power to come back on, Robby quickly fired up the generator.  I think that is his favorite purchase-mine too.  It is really is all that we need-the bonus room was nice and cozy with a lamp on and the tv playing when the kids migrated upstairs.  I had the kids finish what they were working on and then bring a few things upstairs to work on.  We will be able to finish the rest tomorrow.
  • We hung out upstairs working on legos, eating salsa, playing a few games and watching tv-we did all of that before noon and as we were thinking about moving food from the house fridge to the one in the garage that was plugged up to the generator, the power came back on (that was a good thing but still a bit disappointing)  
  • Robby put his generator and all up-though not too up because our trees were really icy and leaning out here.  And the kids went downstairs to play while I worked on lunch.  After lunch the kids played until I asked for them to help me some before movie and nap time.  
  • The afternoon flew by and soon Robby was back home from work (he went in around lunch)  The kids were happy to see him and happy to eat supper.  We ate and even cleaned out the desserts in the fridge (it wasn't much but we found enough for all)
  • Robby put Campbell and Whitman in the shower but Campbell was so busy playing dress up that she didn't stay long.  She had on a t shirt and tu tu and Keaton was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Some times the kids can play perfectly and that they did for most of the evening.  
  • I am going to bed a bit worried about my little two.  Poor Whitman has had a runny nose all day and possibly some fever tonight.  And Keaton has Graham's cough with a runny nose herself and possibly a tiny bit of fever.  We gave at least 5 different medicine to the 3 sicklys-though Graham can't really be counted as sick anymore since he is quickly improving.  
  • Because of the weather this morning, our Bible study is cancelled for tomorrow.  The kids were pretty disappointed but with all of our sickness we probably would have had to skip anyway.  I am oh so thankful that all the kids are normally very healthy and we hardly get any of the bugs floating around.  But I am oh so concerned that Whitman and Keaton don't feel good at all-hopefully there little bug will pass quickly.

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