February 20, 2014

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I'm going to get you!

  • For some reason the kids didn't come in our room this morning, they all migrated to the toy room.  This would normally be a lovely thing but today we needed to get moving to get Campbell to school on time.  I drug myself up the stairs and asked Keaton if she wanted to go with Robby and she was all about it.  That child told Graham that she was leaving and not to touch her toys, told Campbell to come and put on her clothes too and told me that she was going to ride in Daddy's car.  Oh, I remember the days that she didn't talk at all.  
  • Robby, Keaton and Campbell left and the rest of us started on school.  Things went surprisingly well again today-everyone finished around the same time.  The kids even had time to play for a bit before we started on our science.  Right now, Keaton not only loves playing "dance" but she also loves the big legos.  And her playing with them involves someone else building her something with the legos and then she calls me upstairs to show me what she has made.  I was eavesdropping on the boys playing with her and they were the sweetest things ever helping her out.  She would get frustrated and they would gingerly try to calm her down.
  • The little read-a-thon is still going well.  Reagan and Anderson do have about 150 pages left and only 2 days (Sunday doesn't count since it is so busy)  I think I might just turn them into readers yet.  They all crowded around me tonight as we selected some books from the library.  I am working up the nerve to take everyone to the main library occasionally.  I figure there will be so many more book choices there than at our library.  I really should do that monthly-oh so many things I think of each day to add to my list of things to do!
  • Our lunch and afternoon were pretty normal around her.  Campbell spent the afternoon with Nonna who had picked her up from school.  They had a picnic on the deck, worked a zillion puzzles, rode bikes and even had some popcorn.  When Nonna dropped Campbell off, everyone noticed the beautiful weather outside.  They started begging to go outside and we finally relented.  (We knew that outside time meant showers before going out to eat tonight.  
  • The kids had a blast playing outside and would have stayed outside longer.  Before it was time to come in, we fed them all popsicles which kept them happy, happy!  We quickly showered everyone off and then headed to eat.
  • Whitman did wonderful tonight out to eat-I had him some cheerios but he was more interested in my refried beans.  All of our kids have loved them and Whitman was no different.  He was a mess when we left but he was a full little mess!
  • At home, Campbell ended up getting a free pass for bed.  She missed out on a lollipop before bed but was quite pleased with herself that she was still awake when everyone else came to bed.  That little turkey.  Poor tenderhearted Anderson said "I should have taken her punishment for her."  I tried to explain that she just missed out on a lollipop and had to go to bed about 10 minutes early so it wasn't that bad and she really needed to learn her lesson.  I then asked him why he felt like he should take her punishment and he said "well, she is always getting into trouble."  Yep, my little Campbell has now taken Graham's place as our challenging child!  Maybe she will get that lollipop tomorrow though.

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