February 26, 2014

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Blue-eyed, blonde & precious!

  • 6:45 and this house was rocking this morning.  That was fine though because it gave all of us plenty of time to get ready before Bible study.  Robby took care of the toaster this morning and again the smoke alarms did not go off-it must be a conspiracy.
  • Before Bible study, we had time to even do a few chores-straighten the fridge, clean the bathrooms, fold the laundry and empty the trash cans.  We can be productive around here-if we really try.  The kids even had a minute of free time before we left to pick up Campbell.
  • Campbell was ready to go and told us all about what she did at Grannymom's house.  She did perfect walking into her room but when it was time to pick her up, it was another story.  Campbell is my first one to pick up after Bible study so I need for her to come so we can pick up everyone else-it didn't go that way.  We had a pretty good "come to Jesus meeting in the hallway" and that helped some.  Actually, it helped until we got in the car and she asked to play her kindle and I said no.  
  • When we made it to Beebee's place, we found Beebee leaving music and turned her right back around so we could go and eat with her. The kids did better today and didn't really play with the toys in the room that we were in but they did enjoy ringing the bells that Beebee and the other ladies used for music.  
  • A worker came in when I was taking a crew to the bathroom and she told Reagan and Anderson that they could play with the legos.  And they said "our mom won't let us."  Yep, I'm the bad mom.  Ha!  I had explained to them on the way today that we had come to see Beebee and not play with the toys though.  
  • The kids did well seeing Beebee and eating their lunch-well, Campbell didn't do good.  She was still upset from earlier so she fussed and cried the entire time we were there.  It didn't help when I told her that she was going to take a nap this afternoon-I probably should have just sprung that on her when it was nap/movie time.  
  • Back at home, I unpacked and unloaded the car-while getting Whitman and Keaton out of the car, I woke them both up which wasn't my plan but they did need new diapers.  This meant that Whitman took forever to go back to sleep and Keaton never did.  She talked, sang and called me for a long while.  I did give her 2 cups of milk which I hope is the reason that she spit up a bit on her pillow.  After that I did get her up which made Campbell's last 45 minutes of nap time pretty unbearable because she couldn't understand why Keaton was up and she was not.  
  • Everyone did survive the afternoon-barely!  Soon we were having supper and then loading up for my library run and then church.  Campbell did excellent tonight at church-going in and coming out of her class.  Maybe she did learn her lesson.  
  • While Robby and I were sitting behind the puppet screen, if we could have reached out a smack a child, we sure would have.  We could hear Graham saying "I know who the puppets are!" and "My mom is back there."  That little stinker.  
  • Back at home tonight, the kids put on pjs and then it was time for a quick snack before bed.  Only a few were happy about the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate that we gave for a snack.  Reagan didn't like that we weren't going to heat them up (too late), Anderson didn't like some part of the snack and Graham was not happy that we weren't eating candy.  Can't please everyone all the time!

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