February 2, 2014

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Super Bowl Party!
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  • Last night as we went to bed thinking all would be well since Graham seemed to be coughing less.  Ha!  About 1:30, we heard Campbell crying over the monitor.  Robby groggily asked her what was wrong and said that Graham was crying and making her cry.  So up the steps I went.  Poor Graham was holding his little ears crying so down he came with me.
  • I made him a pallet on our floor and thought that he would certainly go back to sleep.  Nope!  He ended  up in our bed and Robby quickly vanished (taking one of my blankets)  I tried a warm washcloth, tylenol and everything else I could think of to help him be comfortable and sleep.  I rubbed his back until he said "can you stop that?"  I even let him watch a tv show in the middle of the night-of course that was mainly so he would set up so his ear would feel better and then maybe fall asleep and while this was all happening I could snooze.  After just a few minutes, he asked if we could turn off the tv.
  • Then a bit later, he said what no one wants to hear in the middle of the night "Mom, what's that outside?"  I quickly started searching for my glasses but come up short.  I could see the non-man shapped blob so didn't have to sound an alarm.  We headed to the window and sat there for a long time watching 6 deer eat near the house.  We did that until he asked to get back into bed.  By this time, I was debating if I should ask Robby to switch with me at 5:00 or just get on up and maybe exercise.  Thankfully, around 4 we finally did fall asleep.  
  • He woke up feeling fine today though his ear did hurt some off and on.  Sometimes you would think that he felt perfect and other times he had his hands over his ears.  First chance Robby had today, he went to Walgreens to find some ear drops and we think those helped him.  The first business happening in the morning is to get the boy an appointment. 
  • From 4 to 7 though we slept great and thankfully I felt well rested this morning (I am no longer a spring chick that can stay up all hours of the night)  It didn't take too long for us all to be ready and loaded in the car headed to church.  Campbell was told (threatened) how she would walk into her class since a repeat of last Wednesday is not acceptable.  (Though we might cut her some slack because she might not be feeling 100% either but on the other hand, she can be a bit of a hypochondriac)
  • We didn't think we would make Graham go to Sunday school so Robby brought me and the 4 youngest to Nonna and Pops house early while Reagan and Anderson went to Sunday school.  By the time Robby dropped us off, he had to head right back to pick up the others.  At Nonna's house, we did most moms of sick kids do-let them run in the rain.  We ran through the rain to go and check out Pop's new shed and my Graham took his sweet time running back to the house-I think he was enjoying playing in the freezing rain.  
  • We had lunch and didn't have to rush off because their was no church and no choir tonight.  So that really made our afternoon stretch out-which was lovely because most of us in this house were snoozing (everyone but Reagan and Anderson)
  • Our small scale Super Bowl party was a success-pizza, tomato basil soup, Hello Kitty cake pops, brownies and coke-what could be better?  The kids gathered around during each commercial break waiting on our debut.  Even though we have already seen the commercial, the kids squealed when they saw themselves and we continued to have to watch the commercial over and over.
  • At bedtime tonight, Reagan asked to pray so she could pray for Graham to get better and sleep well tonight.  Upstairs sounds calm and Graham is cuddled up in our bedroom floor so hopefully he will sleep well tonight.

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