February 22, 2104

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Celebrating Gavin's Birthday!

  • Saturday morning and the kids quickly found Robby upstairs running.  They hijacked his tv watching and begged to watch Shark Tank.  So he let them and they hibernated upstairs with him until time to scurry around to eat breakfast and get ready.
  • Today was Gavin's 4th birthday party.  Campbell made it very clear that Gavin was her friend and she was tickled to get to sit by him during the party.  All of the kids loved jumping and crawling around at the racket club.  
  • Afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite of lunch on the way home.  And once home, everyone put on their outside clothes and we headed out.  Robby had heard the weather man say that there would be zero wind today so the plan was to burn leaves.  We pulled everything out-I started raking and Robby lit the fire and then the wind started.  Seriously, at times it was ridiculously windy.  We would stand and watch the wind thinking it would stop but it never did.  We were pretty careful and thought we might get some leaves burnt despite the wind but before we knew it, the wind had caught some nearby leaves on fire.  So that was the end of the adding new leaves to the fire and the eventual end to the fire. 
  • Robby and I pulled out chairs and sat to watch the fire until it fizzled.  Pretty frustrating since we have so much leaves to rake and the weather was perfect today.  But with the wind we really couldn't do anything.  
  • The kids were playing perfectly though so we still enjoyed outside.  Anderson did take a mighty good tumble and scratched the fire out of both knees.  Seriously, if it had happened to another kid (and if neighbor boy hadn't been here) we would have had to call the paramedics.  Seriously, I didn't even have a band aid big enough for his scratches.  Blood was gushing out of his legs.  I poured water on it and tried to bandage it some so he could play more.  He was a trooper but did get a bit skittish tonight when we were putting peroxide.  After Robby told him all about when he got a stick stuck in his leg and Grannymom gave him a grape lollipop after she pulled it out, he was much better and proud of his "war wound."
  • The kids watched a few movies while we fixed supper.  We ate our chicken spaghetti and cornbread-then we added cornbread to the list of things that should never be served to children.  Cornbread, cakes/cupcakes and rice-you wouldn't believe our floor after a dinner with these things.
  • We all sat around and watched the Duggars on tv.  But Whitman was a bit fussy so he did get sent to bed early.  It was a big day for him because he had his first tractor ride and his first popsicle.  My boy is growing up!  

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