February 25, 2014

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Friendly game of Monopoly!

  • Graham was up before 7 this morning making noise again today.  He is moving to the shed soon if that continues. I actually think moaning and groaning is how the child wakes up.  Campbell was up pretty early too because she was excited about her day-school, then spending the day and night with Grannymom.  We had a few last minute things to pack in Campbell's bag and soon they were on their way to school.
  • Robby did help me with breakfast this morning-toast morning.  Now I don't know how many toasterfulls of toast that he made this morning since the kids were devouring toast with nutella on top.  But as soon as he left, the two pieces of toast that I put in there failed to pop up.  Why in the world would that toaster not work for me?  Thankfully, I remembered it and jumped over Whitman and a chair to pop it up before the room filled with smoke-as is the tradition every single Tuesday morning.
  • The kids were on top of school this morning.  I think that everyone was finished by 10:30 which would be time for celebration but we still have our together work to do.  I have come to dread that together work even though all our together work consist of is Bible verses (good thing), singing a hymn for choir (not too horrible), today was singing the bones of the body song (also good), reading history (that is fine as well) but it also is science (blah, gag, groan).  I am the one that really doesn't like science-everyone says that we have the best science curriculum there is.  It is God centered which is wonderful but it can get a bit wordy since we basically have to read 2+ pages a day.  That doesn't sound like much but it could be used for a high school or probably college textbook.  And even though it is designed for grade schoolers, it is still tough some days to get through it.  Okay, I am finished venting for the day!
  • The kids had plenty of time this morning to play before lunch.  We actually had time to play a game before waking Whitman up.  Then it was lunch time-we had used all of our bread for breakfast and there were only a few tortillas left (Robby has been taking one for lunch so I didn't want to use all of his lunch food) but I was still amazingly able to scrounge something up.  Then it was time for more free time-everyone helped me clean up and my Anderson found another way to torment Whitman.  Poor Whitman is intrigued yet a bit afraid of the broom at the same time-I may or may not have taken pictures of this.  It is kind of odd though him being afraid of the broom since he is not afraid at all of the vacuum (for example tonight after spaghetti for supper I just vacuumed his legs and high chair with him in it to clean up)
  • The kids played most afternoon and Anderson pulled out Monopoly Jr to play.  I don't really know how people play real Monopoly because monopoly jr takes forever!  They almost finished when we made them clean up so we could have supper.  
  • Tonights supper was one-pot spaghetti.  Robby can be a bit picky about spaghetti so I was a bit apprehensive of this pinterest find but it was a success.  Basically you just boil the noodles in sauce and chicken broth-I was told that the recipe was a keeper.  After supper, Reagan and Anderson completely picked up the toy room while Graham cleaned off the plates and then loaded the dishwasher.  That child loves anything to do with the dishwasher-Robby said that could be his main chore until he really got good at it and then we would pass it off to someone else so they could learn the ins and outs of dishes.
  • I made us some brownies to munch on as we watched our nightly tv show and since the kids were fairly calm tonight (hmm, wonder if that was because my Campbell wasn't here?) we even watched another movie before bed.  

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