February 5, 2014

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  • Today was going to be a relaxing day with not too much going on here at the Dennie house but that seemed a bit too uneventful for Keaton.  The poor thing was cuddled up in my bed with her eyes closed acting all pitiful.  As she laid in my bed this morning after chugging her milk, she told me over and over that her tummy hurt.  I should have listened and before I knew it, I was stripping off her clothes and stripping off my clothes, throwing my sheets and then my blanket and brand new bed spread in the washing machine. 
  • But Keaton felt one hundred times better.  She happily took her shower with Campbell and then started talking.  She usually doesn't talk really early in the morning but after her little incident, she chatted all day long.  And by all day, I mean all day long.  By mid morning she was wearing her Dorothy dress and was in rare form dancing with her brothers.  
  • Since more Dennie kids were technically sick than healthy this morning, I called my grandma to tell her that we were not going to make it today.  The kids were really disappointed because she is at a new place-new people, new places, new crazy lady calling "come here little boy"-well, I am not sure if there is a new crazy lady saying that but surely there is a new crazy lady there.  
  • We had our breakfast and then started on our school.  This should have been Bible study day but yesterday's weather cancelled that.  So we only had the left overs from yesterday's school and the kids happily started on that.  They worked as I gave out spelling words while sweeping the kitchen and wiping poor Whitman's nose.  Keaton definitely seems to be feeling better but I can't say that for Whitman.  Next week, I have scheduled his ear check from his 3rd round of antibiotics from his cold starting in December.  Arrrgh!  I have a good feeling that we will be at the doctor's office before next week.  
  • The kids helped out around the house again quite a bit today-emptying the dishwasher is the new favorite chore.  Graham was the lucky one today to help with that.  We decided to move that from midnight to during the day.  Robby and I would do the dishes together right before bed but now it is just me and my little helpers.  This changing when we do the dishes was Robby's idea-hmm, wonder if he was trying to get out of doing the dishes. 
  • Somehow even with little school work and no real agenda for the day, we were busy all day and before we knew it, I was getting everyone ready for church tonight.  I had let the kids eat my delicious tomato soup for lunch (that they didn't eat) so I could feel less guilty about giving them sandwiches for supper so we could eat quickly.
  • Robby walked in and not too long after, we all walked out.  Keaton and Whitman hung out with Nonna and Pops while we were at church.  After church, the kids had a snack before bed-hopefully, everyone will sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow!

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