February 3, 2014

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  • With Graham well doped up (ear drops, tylenol and even some cough and cold) he slept like a baby and so did the rest of the house.  He woke up feeling great this morning and when Robby asked him if his ears still hurt, he told us that they were fine.  His ears might truly have been fine but right at 8, I started dialing to get him a doctor's appointment.
  • We started school around 8 after eating breakfast.  The kids did well and it seemed like we flew through our work.  Well, I did let Reagan and Anderson skip one box (their oral report) but that means that I must make them do it tomorrow.  
  • The kids enjoyed coloring as I read science to them and soon it was lunch time.  We had lunch closer to twelve today so I guess I am more back on schedule this week (compared to last week when lunch was closer to 1 each day)  As soon as we were finishing up lunch, Nonna rang our doorbell to watch the kids while Graham and I were out.
  • Graham was a bit upset about leaving but not nearly as upset as Keaton was about me leaving.  She does fine at church and Bible study but when it is time to leave her with a grandma, she gets a little panicked.  I think that she doesn't want for me to leave on a trip again.  
  • Since Graham had been acting fine all day and saying that his ears didn't hurt, I wasn't expecting anything surprising at the doctor's office.  I was surprised-2 infected ears.  She acted like they were pretty bad so as soon as we left there, we went to Sams.
  • This is "no spend month" here at the Dennie house but obviously necessities are allowed-necessities like bananas, milk and medicine for your ailing son.  But Sams is Sams so I had a few dilemmas like strawberries.  They had been on my grocery list and we decided to buy them at Sams but that was last month.  I decided that they were a necessity.  The next dilemma was a box of honey buns (12 count) for 2 dollars.  I never see deals at Sams but I thought that was good but it is "no spend month" but a good deal-so I bought them.  Then there was an 8 dollar jar of salsa for 2 dollars and I bought it too.  Apparently, I am not any good at "no spend month" and for this month to be a success, I better not leave the house again. 
  • Back at home, I say my boy down and gave him his first dose of many (he wasn't too pleased but did drink up when the movie turned on in the other room.)  The kids had a blast playing with Nonna and Anderson was thrilled to have beaten her at checkers (the Dennie game of the week.)  
  • Soon Robby was home and it was time for our supper of leftovers.  Then the littlest people had showers while the bigger ones played an exciting round of Simon Says-thrilling, I know.  Then we watched our evening movie before bed for all.
  • We let Graham stay in our room one more night tonight.  Campbell is oh so disappointed that he is getting to sleep downstairs.  But if her cough continues, then she will probably be the next one on the floor of our room.   

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